Do you need an Acountabilibuddy


Since I posted the weekly training challenge topic, I haven’t been to the Range to shoot (heckle away!) and I’m wondering who else has been slacking?

As I’m trying to think of different ways to get my butt on the range at least bi-weekly, a thought hit me. I need an accountabilibuddy!

When we start training at the USCCA after being hired we sometimes have an “accountabilibuddy” who is also in training so we can help keep each other on track with our training.

Are you all on top of your training like you want to be? Or would an accountabilibuddy be helpful for you?

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I actually took an advanced handgun class three weeks ago. I try to do dry fire training every night but, I’m not always able to.

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Me, unless you could last weekend about 120rd of shotgun, few mags of 9mm, couple dozen .410, and some .22lr.

A friend wanted to shoot my grandfather 1897 Full Choke Shotgun and I got a partial break in on my VR80.

Going next weekend with a different set to shoot.


I have been slacking too. This time of the year in Wisconsin is the worst @Dawn. Cabin fever sucks. I’ll give you a couple reminders, and I bet if you go to the range after work tomorrow, you’ll feel good about yourself. You know, like the normals feel when going to the gym or furniture shopping. :joy:

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I’ll be there on Sunday - if it’s slow I’ll hit the range. I’ve got dinner plans with my mom tomorrow and I don’t want to break plans with her. And the plans weren’t at the range this time. :slight_smile:

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Where are you guys going? Your mom shoots? My mom says she wants to go to the range with me, but had a bad incident with guns and is just starting to be comfortable with them. I’m going to take her out with my .22 rifle and work her on up, especially since my dad and her want to buy a tiny house and go travel, they are looking into conceal carrying.


My mom has shot with me a couple of times now. She likes the .22 because it’s easy and fun. My 9 mm is good too, but not as “fun”. LOL!

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Yeah, what I should really do is have her look into going to ROR for the womans day thing.

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I def.need to get more range time …I’m always after my fiance to go lol but usually after being gone on the road for the week trucking I cant get off the sofa!


For me, going to the range is a money thing. I’ll get overtime tomorrow, so next Thursday the paycheck will be a little bigger. Its why my next purchase will be a .22. Cheap ammo, lots more range practice. Accountability is never a bad thing. I’m good for anyone who needs reminders now and then.

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