Do you . Believe.that Groups.of.teenagers.can be dangerous.?

Wasn’t the illegal that started shooting into a crowd in Times Square only 15? Kids can be some of the most brutal criminals of all.


I don’t know. I know that from ten years old !! Street children are surviers and they can take out adults. If you have the 14 year old children they can take out a full grown man !! With as little as ten children. And these children are not American children. They are . Dangerous . We have to wake up before they hit us . :orthodox_cross::chile::us::100::100::100::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::feather::feather:

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Wolves travel in packs, so yes, groups of teenagers can be dangerous cause reaching puberty and testosterone running high, they run around acting like they’re tough $#!T showing off, especially when girls are around. They show NO remorse when they gang- beat anyone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :point_up: Until POLICE arrive, Suddenly they turn :chicken: :sob: You can’t touch me cause my mommy will sue you :sob:.


Around here they Absolutely Can Be! The gang bangers dress like regular kids but the little $h!+ Heads are ducking strapped and they’ll use them…