Derek Chauvin stabbed

Derek Chauvin’s imprisonment is right up there with the January 6th prisoners. All are nothing more than political imprisonments for the benefit of the Biden Administration. When in reality, it should be Biden in prison.


A complete and total miscarriage of justice. Solely for political purposes. I am shocked that he hasn’t been “Epsteined” yet, but I’m pretty sure there will be another try. He should never been tried, let alone convicted of the crimes, but the loudest voice usually gets what they want.


Remember these opinions when it is stated that “everyone in prison belongs there.”

Just sayin’

(I don’t have an opinion on this matter, just making an observation for those that do, as I know we have discussed here previously whether or not every person in prison deserves to be there)


Pretty sure it is just a matter of time before he gets suicided


This is was a pretty clear cut case. Chauvin was found guilty and reasonably so, by a jury of his peers of the following:

  • Second-degree murder
  • Third-degree murder
  • Second-degree manslaughter

He had excellent defense counsel but he did not have excellent facts. It was not a “complete and total miscarriage of justice.” For whatever reason Chauvin elected to stay on Floyd’s neck long after Floyd ceased being a credible threat. I’m quite willing to change my mind about this, if future exculpatory evidence comes to light. But this was a sharply scrutinized case, and the jury did not find either charges, or the evidence to be “purely political.” They found it all convincing enough to deny Chauvin his liberty. There was no evidence of any corruption of the jury, or the Judge, who seems to have served honorably for about 15 years prior to presiding over the case.

While I certainly agree with the jury on this, it is a terrible situation where anything like this can happen in our prisons. Chauvin is being punished for his crimes. Violence among inmates really does need to be curtailed much more than it seems to be.


I agree.

In addition to the United States having a preposterously high % of the population incarcerated, we all generally seem to be perfectly okay with those persons all being denied not just their freedom and Liberty but also their basic safety from allll kinds of violence.


As an ex-LEO I have mixed feelings on his conviction. On one hand I think he did wrong, but also think he was railroaded, convicted before ever seeing a trial. That’s not to say he was innocent, I just don’t believe justice was blind in this instance so I’m left with questions… On the other hand I detest police unions that allow bad cops to persist to the point they cause harm and give great men and women a bad reputation by proxy. To the 99.999% of great cops out there: You will always be my Heros…


How can one be serving time for murder, when the “victim” OD’d. It is time to review expert witness testimony in Chauvin’s trial.

Also, criminals and predators need to stay somewhere. Either near us and our families, or - behind bars. From the many, many violent criminal acts in the news, I can only conclude we dont have nearly enough people incarcerated.


“The Fall of Minneapolis”

See if it’s still up, watch it.


He holds no governmental secrets. Epstein has a whole Power Point presentation, with venn diagrams and bullet points!
As soon as it gets loose, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, c’mon, say it with me!
We all know it’s true, the Russians were responsible for the election, they wanted Ukraine. You can’t have Ukraine with Trump! Let’s face it, if China wants Taiwan, we’ll be stuck with morons until we nuke someone!


Agree with that statement, as we watched it. Sure they could have tased him a few hundred times! Deservedly so. He should have been hog tied and shoved in the car. However, I do think we still would be in the same situation, only delayed until the next, I can’t breathe moment or the next hands up moment! Only in the Twilight Zone would we know what would be if it never happened!


This was NOT a “clear cut case” as you say, but , I suppose that if I only watched the main stream media, I might also come to your conclusions.
The evidence was there but the defense council didn’t, or couldn’t use it for reasons that are not so clear.
The court was afraid, and rightly so, that even more rioting would occur if ALL of the evidence was presented and the jury came to a correct decision. I do not blame the jury in this, but the court was completely involved in the failure to allow all the facts to come to light.
Do some additional digging into this story, (it is all over the internet), and it may change your mind.


I think it’s obvious that our so called justice system has been turned into a popularity contest! The prizes and the unintended consequences are deadly!


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Thank you for the daily chuckle.



Hmmm… What think you??? :thinking:

Derek Chauvin’s family has received no updates after prison stabbing, attorney says (

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An attorney for Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd, said Saturday that Chauvin’s family has been kept in the dark by federal prison officials after he was stabbed in prison.

The lawyer, Gregory M. Erickson, slammed the lack of transparency by the Federal Bureau of Prisons a day after his client was stabbed on Friday by another inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona, a prison that has been plagued by security lapses and staffing shortages.

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I would not be surprised if the prison was slow to give with the details. Any instance of inmate on inmate violence represents a failure on the part of the prison, but to let this happen to a high profile prisoner, who, like all convicted police officers, is at elevated risk of attack is a huge failure.

I’m sure they are really hoping to find they they hold no real responsibility for the event. There should be an immediate, and thorough investigation into the incident.


What exculpatory evidence do you think the defense was unable to adduce? What facts did not come to light?

The catch here is how easy it is to be a criminal.

For most who post here, going to the wrong state would make us felons. People get locked up for stuff like that all the time

Probably everyone posting here (because probably everyone period) has committed felonies, whether they knew it or not


So horribly disgusting. That mayor needs to be hung and everyone else responsible.