Denver Hotel Guns Found

On Friday the Denver Police, with the help of hotel staff, found weapons, ammo, body armor and drugs in the Maven Hotel close to Coors Field. Initially, people were concerned with a possible attack at the All-Star game scheduled for Tuesday.

You can read more about the situation here:

Based on the below paragraph from the article, the situation may have been part of a drug deal rather than a possible attack.

A preliminary assessment indicated the stash of guns appears to be connected to a possible illegal transaction involving drugs and guns, according to an internal law enforcement memo obtained by ABC News.

A lot of us travel with our firearms. Some just travel with their carry handguns to be able to protect their loved ones while on vacation. Others travel to go hunting in different states.

When we travel with our firearms – whether handguns or long guns – how can we ensure that we do not cause undue concern or misunderstandings with the hotel staff?

_Check out the Resources page on the USCCA website for the links to the Reciprocity Map and details about how to travel with firearms:

Well, I suppose most of us probably don’t travel with 16 guns, body armor, and thousands of rounds! :grinning:
Secondly, if my gun is not on me when traveling, it is in the hotel room safe.


Yes, thanks Bjorn. And for the group, just my experience:

In advance, learn the laws of the city, county, and state you’ll be traveling through. Learn the rules of the hotel you’ll be staying at. Some places might require cases. Have locks for your cases, and trigger guards. Always make copies of and carry/pack extra set of keys.

Staying legal and in compliance is of course the right thing to do. This is paramount; Missing a law could cost you serious legal ramifications, and risk losing your firearm rights.

But to avoid delays, hassles or making a mistake, consider a “grey man’s” attire and demeaner. Bringing friendliness, conveys you’ve nothing to hide. Be a decent tipper, early and often, not just at the end of one’s stay.

There’s nothing wrong with eye/face contact, a nice haircut, trimmed or facial shave, and even smelling good. Leave the cap and sunglasses in your carry bag until you’re outdoors. Make their day, they deserve it. Remember – they have the power, you just need to figure that out, and respect it, then you can make your own nice day.


My guns go where I go. I don’t even use hotel lock boxes.


Many years ago I was looking at traveling to a well known training facility. The number of firearms wasn’t the question. The amount of ammo needed for the session would have been 2500 rds. I put the what if question to them should I get stopped. They told me they would send a letter for me to carry for that reason. I am thinking that may have been sufficient for most LEOs. at the time. All this would have applied to NC. Dont really know if contacting local agency between here and there would have help or not. I know that 3 gun folks tend to travel with gear and ammo could answer better

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Knowlege is surely power. I know that the way I carry myself and speak makes a world of difference. Every effort to be kind to all. As much as I keep up with current events the Denver deal got by me. Need to go back and check it out.
I went back up to the top of post and read .

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I would say this applies to my HH6 and I . Its mostly CCW for the both of us. 99.9 % of shooting for us is local. So no reason to haul gear and ammo long distance or to unfamilar shooting spots

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