Defense in Mexico

What legal self defense options exist in Mexico for an American citizen?

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Rental lockers in airports/bus/train stations have been pulled ever since terrorists started putting bombs in them a couple of decades ago.
If your gym has reciprocating privileges with a gym near the border, maybe you can stash your CCW in one of their lockers (using you own padlock of course)

My position on the question is simple. Why go? The last time I was in Mexico was 1979 and I did not lose anything I need to go back for!


You and the group seemed to have some good ideas.

Kind of off the wall and not sure if allowed:

But within the U.S. and close to the border – locked in a safe box within a hotel room, in a hotel’s safe deposit box if they have. Some banks offer safe deposit boxes but not sure if their policies allow firearms in their own boxes. How long would the Gun Smith take or how much time before he/she would finish with it? Would inside a locked safe with a friend or relative in the U.S. be an option, if they live near the border? I have a non-lethal CCW kit, for when I cannot carry a firearm.

Still regretting I never reached ‘Black Belt’. Safe travels.

Maybe to simplistic, but I would stop north of the border, and let them cross over in to the US to get it.


Are you California residents? If not your not carrying handguns into California are you? If it’s really only a 1,000 feet in why not let the Mexican Citizen and the US Mexican Citizen make the exchange and then walk back across. While you wait on the American side of the border.

If you insist on going across the border, depending on your paranoia level. Look into kidnapping insurance.


I suggest taking your weapon(s) to the US side police department, they have property lockers and can keep the weapons until you return. Make sure you are legal to have the weapon in the first place. The lockers can hold small personal items,e.g., wallets, keys, and such.

Good Luck

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Are those small rental storage garages within the US border safe to store a firearm for short periods; If they allow it (as a last resort)?

I assume you are crossing at El Paso then. Rent a small storage facility for a month. Put your guns there in at least locked gun cases and pile a few empty boxes to hide them.

I believe in El Paso you can arrange for an inspection ahead of time and just come back on the commercial bridge.

As far as insurance try Lloyd’s of London that’s who my company used when we had to go out of the country.

As far as weapons.

Gel Mace with indelible dye 12 oz can
Knife or 4
Collapsible baton

Nothing expensive that you can’t dump when you are done.

Best advice I can give good luck.

Why not have the relative pick up the car at the border on the US side?

At the police stations here the lockers are for evidence for any upcoming case. Sorry, sounds like you talked to the wrong end of the horse. Next opinion, is there a bus station nearby, they have luggage lockers for rent, cheap.


Get creative! Pawn the gun on TX side of border and then get it out of hock if you make it back in one piece.

As for legal weapons in MX…they aren’t going to let you carry anything but a cane or a multitool across the border if you are searched. If questioned and you fail to disclose, that’s a crime. Also, in TX, when a peace officer asks for your ID you must give it to them. If you have a permit, you are supposed to present that to them when they ask for ID.

Nice. Great tips for EDC in the U.S. as well. Pro’s & con’s on the tool belt, a perp might think you just got paid in cash. Good luck.

Interesting thread! What finally happened?

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Have you seen the movie “Get the Gringo”?:grinning: