Defend your home: 4 steps

One thing that blog post talks about is how home invaders choose their targets. 47% choose them by observing their target. Being situationally aware can definitely make you look like less of a target.

How do you make your home have less curb-side appeal to home invaders?

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I know criminals say lightning up the property, illumination of the house, keep bushes low and trim, about no tall shaggy bushes, that’s for the outside of the house. I think we’re only talking curb appeal so I will stop there and not talk about inside.

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Have you ever wondered why we light up the outsides to make it easier for THEM to see during their approach?
I’m all for heat and radar sensors to trigger intensely bright light which strobes during an alert interval. And I’m happy to fire all those high-intensity lights strobe or full-on with my remote control when I’m ready to look out into the quadrant alarming so they can’t see in while I"m looking at deer in the lights.