Daniel Defense H9

Had a chance to take the first shots on one of these today. First off, wow! The balance is great and as they claim, it shoots incredibly flat…and that trigger!!! It is quite possibly the best striker trigger I’ve ever seen…crisp and the reset is super short, tactile, and audible. It’s hard to describe how enjoyable the experience was. It is lighter than the kds9c and P229 i have, but it is just as fun. Idk what the optic options are, but the cut looks rather large. Might just have to slide it into the next 5 pistols list!


For comparison, have you fired

Walther PPQ/PDP
S&W 2.0 with the flat face trigger



When i showed up, I didn’t know they had the H9. They brought it to me to shoot halfway through my trip. Guns shot and order:

  1. P320 X5
  2. M&P Metal
  3. Kds9c
  4. H9
  5. Pdp Compact
  6. P229 SAO
  7. Staccato P
    I didn’t shoot the vp9, but im going to say that in my opinion, the H9 has a better trigger than the metal and the pdp.