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For those of you new to personal-defense weapons (PDW), the Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW is an AR-15 pistol chambered in the .300 BLK rifle caliber. Because it is legally classified as a pistol rather than a short-barreled rifle (SBR), there is no need to get a federal tax stamp and go through the additional paperwork (and wait time) before purchasing one. The main difference is that the SBR uses a conventional AR-15-style adjustable stock, while the PDW pistol uses a pistol brace.

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How much does it cost? My gun store has one for $2000.00 , a little high for a pistol. And you can’t carry it concealed unless you have a jacket on.
I know because I have a CZ Scorpion Evo S3 in 9mm and it is not a user friendly concealed carry gun. And I don’t have a brace stock sticking out.

I would think that this type of weapon is more for carrying in the car during times of civil unrest. It being a pistol, i can have it setting on the seat next to me and if I have a conceal carry permit, I would cover it with something similar to a jacket or sweater to be inconspicuous. Secondly, if you talk to anyone one who professionally uses firearms, you will find out that most if not all clear houses with PDWs or rifles. A small pistol(glock/1911/etc …) is a backup weapon use to fight to your primary weapon … rifle or PDW. I consider an AR pistol as a PDW.