Custom Holsters. Let's see some of your favorites

Last year, after President elect Joe Biden, said in his Presidential address. That the biggest threat facing the United States of America was veterans and retired law enforcement. That kind of lit a fire under me.

Those who know me, know I have espoused the “grey man” philosophy. But I am also a proud veteran. So I wear at least a hat or t shirt with my EDC that announced I am a veteran.

But I wanted a holster that spoke about my strong support for the Second Amendment for when I open carried. Now I only open carry to the range or meetings of the Second Amendment Organizations I support.

So I found a fantastic :heart_eyes: leather worker artist and this is what we came up with.

Now the helmet is actually a Spartan Helmet in the colors of the Alabama State flag. White and Red. It’s my Glock 41 with an O light. The helmet is slightly dinghy white to indicate the battles this country has fought for us to have our freedoms and of course the old Greek version of Moulon Labe.


Very nice holsters. I am of the same sentiment here in Missouri.


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