Crimson Trace

I am looking at a Kimber Master Carry Pro in .45. It comes with Crimson Trace on top of the grip panel. Does anyone know if the laser is married to the grip panel or can I install other grip panels? I am willing to file the new grips down to size if need be. Any help will be appreciated.

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The Lasergrip from CT is a solid part. The emitter is on the R panel and is NOT removable. The activation switch is on the front of grip beneath the trigger guard and is NOT removable. This is a VERY expensive accessory! I have the less pretty version on my 1911A1 Commander, and it was expensive enough for me. You can buy different grip panels that are shaped to fit that rounded frame. My 2 cents: If you don’t want the CT LG grips, just buy a different pistol.