Cowboy boot experts?

My Father in law passed on Wednesday. He and I were very close and spent a lot of time together over the last 30+ years I have known him. The only personal item I asked for was a pair of cowboy boots. Ed always looked great in those boots and we wear the same size.

Anyway, I will attach a couple of photos from my phone in the next post to see if anyone can identify who might have made these based on the markings. BTW, there are no size markings.



Great boots are great boots no matter who made them. I’m sorry for your loss…

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Thank you @Jane2, I sent an email today to who I think made them. I don’t want to mention the name yet because I don’t want to lead the witness. :grinning:

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Lucchese Ostrich boots.

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I don’t think that’s ostrich. Looks like gator or croc to me.

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Yep, Salvatore/Sam and Joseph Lucchesi are my first guess, but not ostrich, it has to be alligator or cayman.

@Aaron25, you and I were typing at the same time :+1:

Ed grew up in the Louisiana bayou living off gators and nutria skins. I know they ate the gator meat, not so sure about the nutria.

Are those Luchesse boots really $12K?? Yikes.

Some are, here’s Arnold with his limited edition 125th Anniversary ( )

… but most are not, I currently own 3 pairs of Tony Lama Ostridge, and 1 pair of Lucchese lizard, and of course the pair in question that I could never adequately fill.

edit: I got married wearing a pair of Tony Lama “peanut brittle Ostridge” and a tuxedo. We drove away in a 1968 Rolls - left hand drive of course. :grinning:

edit2: Rolls and tux were rented :smiley:


Yep. I guessed on the ostrich. I’d take any exotic boot. I wear cowboy boots every day, but only the exotic cow leather! I’m cheap.


I’m so sorry for your loss, @Gary_H. Your father-in-law had great taste in boots!

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Thank you @Dawn, Lucchesse support responded to my email and requested additional photos. If anybody can figure it out, I think it will be them.

As @Jane2 said, it doesn’t really matter who made them - researching is just a distraction for me at this time :frowning:

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I will say Lucchese service is 2nd to none :+1:

This is the email I just received from them:

"Thank you for contacting Lucchese Online Customer Service.
After reviewing the photographs you have provided, we have gathered some information on your style with the help of a specialist! Please see the information below:
*-Model #: Lucchese Custom Classic Vintage , made exclusively for Cooper’s Retailer *
*-Leather: Bias Cut American Alligator vamp and heel + Goat shaft *
*-Color: Tenga/brown brush-off *
-Size + Width: N/A as it is not visible stamped on the inside of the boot
-Suggested MSRP: Priceless, as this leather and constuction are truly one of a kind and cannot be replicated ( especially due to the stitching on the vamp)
*-Construction: Lucchese Handmade Classic *
*-Toe & Heel: 6 toe, 4 heel *
-Year Build: N/A as manufacturing stamping is no longer available; Possibly 70’s or 80’s (before 86’)"


It’s now in the books- one new research project coming up :upside_down_face:

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Wow, great boots. You need a nice leather holster and belt that matches, and a BBQ gun to wear with those boots!

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And a big BBQ where we all can wear our matching leather accessories :wink:

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