Course: Weapon Retention

I highly recommend this video course in the Protector Academy.
Very informative.
Well done USCCA.


Already viewed it brother @William377 and yes I agree 100 percent. I just earned my badge.


I don’t have access to the video but have been doing some weapon disarming work in my Krav Maga classes. The benefit of that is it also lets you see how much easier it is to take away a weapon when the attacker is in a traditional shooting stance vs various retention stances.

Which is not to say it is easy to take away a weapon that someone has pointed at you without at least one shot being fired. It is just a lot easier to redirect, control, attack and take an extended firearm.

It often messes my opponent up when they try for the standard takeaway and I instinctively pull back into the High C.A.R. retention position. I have to remember to act like an inexperienced criminal for the traditional takeaway move to work smoothly.