Do not try this at home

Having some training at disarming someone is good at both ends. Knowing how to, can lead you to how to prevent it happening to you.
Things that can go wrong, you miss, and you get shot! or You push the slide back far enough to prevent gun from firing. What is best situation for you with the gun,… distance.
Only train this with airsoft or toy guns. People have been neglengtly shot by using thier EDC.

You have to admit it, it is cool!


He is incredibly fast but he seems to make no attempt to redirect the barrel or get himself out of the line of fire while making the grab. If the shooter instinctively withdraws the weapon and or flinches and pulls the trigger he could be in serious trouble.

My limited Krav Maga training emphases shifting out of the way and driving your whole body in towards the attacker while grabbing and redirecting the barrel. Even then there is still no guarantee that the person holding the gun doesn’t instinctively pull the trigger before you can get out of the way and control it.


(MY Opinion only)
Good way to get dead
It’s easy to stand there and take away a gun from
a guy who’s on the payroll smiling like an idiot
(and had zero intention shooting his boss with an empty gun)

But REAL LIFE has a way of intervening and putting the Holland Tunnel in yo fo-head!
Sham has it right (again) move outta da way @ least, lung towards attacker, crush nutz!
stick his weapon in your waist band, (make sure it safe, no round in chamber etc etc) Call da Po-Po.

He ‘HAD TO SET HIMSELF!’ you won’t have time in RL!


This is pretty close to the way I was taught though due to me not having the greatest upper body strength I prefer to get two hands on the gun ASAP instead of going for the strike. Once I have control of the muzzle if I can’t get the takeaway or need to keep them off of me after the takeaway I can then use a knee or a head butt to loosen their grip. Then strike with the pistol if I have to in order to create space to run or tap and rack for my own trigger pull if I can’t get away.

It also doesn’t look this neat and pretty when the person with the gun doesn’t just stand there and let you take it. My instructor starts out making it easy but by the end of the session it requires some pretty intense effort to get that gun away from him. I usually have some bruises to show for my efforts and blood has flowed on occasion.


I have seen where you push back on the slide and push the mag release ejecting the round and dropping the magazine as you charge them. This is one of the things we worked doing but I would never want to ever try it. Too many things will go wrong, and I am not a 7-degree black belt.


We train in a few different methods of disarming both long gun and hand gun. To me, after many years of practice with real firearms (unloaded of course) I can tell you this. If you have not practiced this A LOT, don’t do it on the street, If you have practiced this A LOT, don’t do it on the street unless you are absolutely certain the perp is going to kill you. This is a LESS THAN 50/50 move, no room for error, no room for the slightest mistake.
That said
Step 1) Get Off The Line
Step 2) Work to the inside, force the weapon to the outside
Step 3) Control the muzzle of the weapon
Step 4) Get both hands on the weapon as soon as possible
Step 5) Do Not Let Go of the weapon
Step 6) Do Not Let Go of the weapon
Step 7) Do Not Let Go of the weapon
Step 8) Do Not Stop Fighting


My Uncle taught my brother and I is to get the bad guy to the ground quick and whatever you do don’t let them get back up.


A great advertisement for the position of close retention


Hey, you stole my gun🤷🏼‍♂️. Good tactic to know if you are in a position when there is no other option.


The bad guy has a Beretta…just pull the slide off like Jet Li did in that Lethal Weapon movie.

OK, ok…I know…the weapon use in that scene was a modified “movie” gun which was mechanically altered so Mr. Li could just snatch the slide off without moving the slide release lever, but it is possible on the 92/96 series weapons to pull the slide assembly off the weapon with one hand.

With your right hand, grasp the weapon firmly with your palm over the top of the slide, thumb on the right side of the weapon, fingers on the left side. Push the slide back slightly to relieve pressure (which also takes the weapon out of battery) with your thumb, press the slide lever button. Flip the slide lever with your index or middle finger and snatch the slide off. It comes off as a unit: slide, barrel, locking block, guide, recoil spring and the chambered round.

Looked so cool in the movie but there was a little bad press unfortunately which prompted Beretta to re-engineer the take down mechanics on different models. 92/96 series still come apart the same way.