Reload technique Video

Is there a good video somewhere of current reload technique?

I took a class about a year ago with Klint. He had us bring the gun into the chest at high compressed ready the mag was in the pouch bullets facing backwards. The mag followed the contour of you body up using your thumb as a bit of a guide insert the mag with out looking. Then pull and release side and asses.

When I looked on youtube I found a uscca video that was 8 years old and was vary different.

I’d like to find a video I can send to a friend.


What kind of gun? Assuming semi auto pistol?

My preference and I think the leading technique currently for a pistol is bullets facing forward in the mag (bullets towards 12 o’clock)…bring gun in close-ish to body while dropping mag free with strong side thumb [rip mag out with support hand as needed]…retrieve spare mag with index finger on the front/bullet side…use index finger on that front side of the mag to point/direct mag into the pistol, seating firmly.

Diverging preferences on using the slide release to release the slide, or taking the slower motion of reaching up over the top of the gun to operate the slide manually, pros and cons to each.

This is for a slide lock or ‘emergency’ reload when mag is empty.

Process differs for a “tactical” reload or a top-off when mag is partial, and there are a lot of different diverging thoughts and personal preferences involved there.

But my bottom line is that it is extremely unlikely a private citizen will ever need to reload a defensive/CCW pistol under duress as this seems to basically never happen. So, IMO, don’t spend too much time or energy worrying about it. Your time/energy/effort would be better spent making sure you don’t walk under unsecured air conditioners while on a sidewalk.

So, pick something reasonable and get proficient with it. Kind of like “what defensive ammo”…pick something reasonable and move on to more significant things.


I appreciate the response, there are tons of video’s of reloading as you’re describing. I’m looking for something on this specific technique though. I figured since USCCA teaches it someone would have a link to one.

So far I haven’t found any.


I’m having a surprisingly difficult time here, I thought like 20 seconds searching YouTube I’d find what I want. I wonder if YouTube isn’t liking to host/show results as much on these things now…hmmm

This little short with like no views shows the concept at the pistol

As for the slide stop vs over the top, I like John and this discussion


Similarly I’m struggling too, I thought it would be a easy find on youtube.

I saw this technique in a instructor class and want to show a video to a friend. I’d rather find one made vs making one and sending it to him so he doesn’t doubt I’m explaining it correctly.

I’ll try to fully describe with words what it would look like.
Gun runs dry, slide locks to the rear.
You press mag release dropping mag and bringing gun to high compressed ready
-at this point the gun is basically touching your chest, muzzle pointing forward parallel to line of site
simultaneously retrieve mag (can be done bullets forward or backward really) I’d like to find video of the bullets facing the rear as that was explained to be the preferred way to go.
now your hand with the mag follows the contour of your body up and inserts the mag into the gun with out looking.
your palm remains in contact with the gun and you slide your hand up over the slide and pull it to the rear and release.

Now the gun is loaded you proceed as appropriate.


another john lovell WPS video about it


Anyone a USCCA Fundamentals of Self Defense instructor willing to make a video and put it on the tubes of you?


That’s a great video, vary similar to what I do myself. Although I don’t pull the gun with my support hand like he does to get it at that angle I just kind of flip it with my strong hand. Accomplishes the same thing, but I like what he’s doing there.

But, still not the technique I’m looking for a video of. I’m looking for what is currently taught in USCCA classes. Unless they changed it in the last year and I’m not aware of it.


Call USCCA at 800-674-9779, 24-7-365 friendly support and answers. :slightly_smiling_face:


all i will say is do what work best and keeps u in the fight there no right or wrong


I’ve been using this video as a base line for reload training. Step by step simple explanation.
Cover both hands - left and right.

Once you do get the basics smooth, you can adjust the process watching others. I personally like John Lovell video, posted by @RangeMatt .
The other good source of good technique is Tim Kennedy:

No needs for making any new videos… all has been already filmed.


Are there any uscca instructors in this group who at least know what I’m talking about?

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He states in the video he doesnt actually pull it with the support hand, its more just hia finger helping rotate the gun to his thumb, and hes exagerating the gun movement in his dominant hand just to make it easier to see what hes doing. Ive been reloading like this forever. Ive been looking all through the protector academy videos and all that looking for what you are asking for and i cant find it, maybe someone whos more familiar with them will be able to direct yiu to it

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Well yeah, when I said support hand I was referring to the finger of his support hand. it’s a interesting way to do it and seems to work well for him. I’m basically doing the same thing just not using my finger to turn the gun.

He’s right, a lot of people turn the gun on it’s side to soon and don’t let gravity do the work.

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I’ve looked for a while and can’t find it either, it’s odd I figured there would be something out there. Clearly it’s not vary popular. But with uscca teaching it I figured here would be a place to ask.

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I was first thinking of reloading,… ammo not the gun.


That’s funny watching Instructors making mistakes… :joy:

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 15-59-58

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 15-58-46

…ejected round :grinning:


I am most concerned on the effective distribution of the 13 rounds that I have in the gun at my immediate disposal. If at that point if there is still a threat…my bad while I work on that reload.

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That’s not really the question, but thanks for the help.