Countries to adopt guns for self defence in homes

How we can educate other countries to adopt guns for self defence such as Canada and the u.k in homes?

Does the UK even allow self defense in their homes?

"A 78-year-old homeowner has been arrested by murder detectives after a suspected burglar he fought with in his own kitchen died of a stab wound.

The pensioner, named locally as Richard Osborn-Brooks, was upstairs asleep with his wife when he was woken by the two men breaking into his suburban home in Hither Green, south-east London last night.

He was forced into his kitchen by one of the men, who was armed with a screwdriver, before a struggle ensued.

The intruder, a 38-year-old man, was left with wounds to his chest and local residents say he collapsed in a neighbouring road and died in hospital.

The homeowner was initially detained on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm but was later arrested on suspicion of murder. The case has been compared to that of Tony Martin, who was jailed for killing an intruder at his home in 1999.

The break-in comes amid a surge in violence in the capital, with 49 people already having died in crimes in London in 2018. Last night’s death brings the toll to 50" Richard Osborn-Brooks arrested 'after stabbing burglar to death' | Daily Mail Online


All the ones near us. Yeah I like that…

There is no such thing like educating other countries. Especially about the firearms.
If the Country has not risen with firearms, like USA, the Citizens won’t understand the needs for firearms.
It has to be born within the Country, otherwise it brings the harm.


Won’t understand?

What are you talking about?

I was born in Country without firearms. I’ve risen almost without firearms. Every moment I’ve gotten firearm in my hand, I’ve never thought I’d need it for self defense.
Did we have armed robberies back then? Probably yes… 1 …maybe 2 per year… :zipper_mouth_face:
Nobody, believe me, nobody around me was thinking about owning the firearm. Even after Military service we never felt need for a firearm. It was just our nature. Knife, slingshot… these were our tools.

I cannot imagine any education services trying to explain why do we need a firearm…if we know, we DON’T need them…

Being in USA - that is opposite story. Kids know the firearm from very beginning. We can see, hear, even touch the firearm being in elementary school age.
Most of Americans lives with or close to firearms, it’s like another tool in our toolbox.

So now… being outsider, try to educate Americans they DON’T NEED firearms… :wink:
Impossible… yes, definitely impossible.

So now reverse this and try to educate others about something they don’t feel is needed…


With education that can be destroyed

You cannot destroy hundred years of history… there is no such education.
If you try… you will have a Revolution one day…


Revolutions are stupid

I have been thrown out of other countries gun forums for even suggesting guns for self defence

But they occurred.

Revolutions may be stupid but slavery is worse!


Yes, thank you

To be honest, even here in the US there are people that don’t understand the need for firearms . . . even when it’s burning the city down around their ears.


I don’t understand the question. what are you saying?

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Yes… that’s the way this World functions.

Try to find single year in the World’s history without war or conflict… :zipper_mouth_face:
There have been and always will be people who are against something.

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“Revolutions are stupid” this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.
1.) the greatest country in the world was founded in revolution
2.) how many countries have gained a better quality of life for most if not all people after rebelling against an oppressive government
3.) this statement has the same logic or lack there of as : guns are bad


Great first post. Welcome!

Sadly we don’t need to. After they have given up their guns (Australia, UK, and soon Canada) they learn from their countries own criminals.

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