CONSUMER REPORTS Warns About Dark Chocolate

The February issue has a section on dark chocolate, which by law has to contain at least 65% cacao content, and is supposed to be a healthier choice for us versus the others. Cadmium. lead or both heavy metals - used in batteries - have been found in ALL of them - even major brands like Hershey’s, Dove, Lindt, and Ghiardelli. These metals are absorbed from the soil where the trees are grown - cadmium is found in the beans, while lead has been found in the shells. Semisweet, bittersweet, and baker’s chocolate also fall into this category - and there is no restriction on how MUCH of these metals chocolate may contain. I’m old enough to remember when peanut butter had to be refrigerated after a jar was opened, to avoid the botulism peanuts naturally develop - improvements in processing peanuts eliminated this risk - but there’s no answer for dark chocolate right now. FYI


NOT THE CHOCOLATE!!! :hot_face:

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I’ve been eating dark chocolate for years, must only be a Prop 65 for Cali.


Cricket patty and roach steak are good for you, esp. paired with jab and boosters.
Chocolate will kill ya.
Trust the science!


Next we will be told that sex is bad for us.

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If it is good then it is bad for you? Oxymoron

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