Constitutional Carry?

I can afford this ammo right now, but the problem is that i train myself as often as possible using different drills i find here, other firearms pages and from instructors with youtube pages. In a month, i wont have half of that left and most courses beyond standard cpl training require 500-1000 rounds.

Who decides when you have enough training and who decides how much you have to spend?


I hope your children have the same mindset as you do! We need more youth who know what the Constitution was meant to protect. Not what the schools today want you to think it is meant to do.


Working on generations 3 and 4 :grin: my granddaughter is becoming quite the skilled shot and carries all the time. And the great-granddaughter is just 6, but she has her own pink eyes and ears, a rubber band pistol, and knows the 4 safety rules :grin:
We’re waiting for her to ask, but there will be a Daisy pink BB gun in her future. :wink:

It’s been really interesting teaching my granddaughter, she’d never shot before this year, and shes doing great. She asks great questions, and we talk about situations, how to stay safe, staying legal, our rights and responsibilities… very cool stuff.


Training for a training I’m going to in a couple month, and that’s where I just ordered my training ammo from… AngelFire

Hope to one day find a good woman with a similar mindset as you and your family seem to posses on the Constitution and our Rights… then I can start my own little generation of “rebels” lol.


@MoonWolf, those kinds of young women are out there. I highly recommend the midwest, country areas (stay out of the cities) for sensible ideas and people who understand that self sufficiency, personal integrity, communities, and constitutional rights matter.
Missouri isn’t full yet… we’ve got room any time you want to join us!

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Sadly my heart is drawn by the mountains in the Northeast. I often tell people I probably will end up settling somewhere north and/or east of Tennessee. Smoky Mountains, Adirondacks (if NY actually respected my rights I would probably live there) and the Appalachian chain… But yes I have to keep at it until I find the right one. @Dawn, maybe the USCCA can take one a dating version of constitutional carry :wink:


I am all for training for anyone who is carrying a weapon and encourage it.
I am all for educating and informing people who vote on the people and issues they are voting for and I encourage it.
I am all for freedom of speech, religion, press And encourage each.

So, which right, if not exercised well, is likely to cause more damage to our Republic, especially over time, and do we require training to exercise that right?


Yeah, you wouldn’t like NY. You should be able to find like-minded folks in much of that area though.
Still, the ozarks are beautiful… :wink:

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You would be amazed… A lot of people in the state of NY (basically anyone outside the lower right-hand corner) feel as we do. Its the city folks that run the politics though by shear numbers. I used to live up north for school there which is how I fell in love with the area. So the question becomes, should we run from places like that and effectively allow the liberal mindset to rule, or do we move there hoping that after a while we will tip the scales and bring back common sense laws? lol.

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I’ve seen plenty of damage done by uneducated or ignorant or manipulative and deceptive use of people’s first amendment right.
Every time a politician uses his first amendment rights to influence voters or legislators to limit my second amendment rights, great damage is being done.


It’s a good question. I lived in CA for more than 20 years, my hubby for more than 50… we fought hard while we were there, some of it very, very personally. Eventually we decided that the only way we were getting the life we want, with our rights (mostly) intact was to retreat to higher ground. We work hard here to expand our rights instead of fighting hard to see our rights progressively stripped away anyway. Here. There are still enough people with sense to counter the city ideas in St.L and KC.


That is my point exactly. I guarantee you that the founding fathers NEVER would have considered anyone suggesting repealing any portion of the Bill of Rights.
An ignorant and uninformed electorate has, is and will cause potentially irreparable harm to the Republic.


Is Constitutional Carry a good idea? Is Freedom of Speech a good Idea? The question is irrelevant. Both are rights specified in the Constitution, so the real question is whether they can be exercised responsibly. Obviously, some people are irresponsible when they exercise their freedom to speak, just as people are irresponsible when they exercise their rights with a firearm. None of this matters when talking about a basic right.

From a practical standpoint, criminals are already armed. CC just evens the playing field. People who carry should train and practice, but you can no more make that a condition of gun ownership than you can require people to get an education in order to exercise freedom of speech.


Personally I think OC should be constitutional carry without permit for anyone who meets the basic eligibility requirements.

A do favor licensing for CC.

Everyone has reasons to want to CC but I have yet to see anyone lawfully OC’ng go on a shooting rampage.

Criminals by their very nature like to rely on stealth and surprise.

Constitutionally I think we keep with the original intent of the founders as long as “The People” free, people with full rights (excluding felons, and mentally defective/diseased incapable of being fully accountable for their actions) can carry openly.

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Let them concentrate in the cities and bring in as many conservatives/constitutionalists as you can find to occupy and control the suburbs and rural areas.

NYC is unfortunately turning back into what it was Pre Juliani era.

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It is the second which protects us from losing all of the rest.

As Dr. Rich pointed out in another thread once the populace is disarmed and dependent on Gov’t for “protection” they lose their freedoms one at a time and Tyranny, soft or hard, replaces rights.


^^^ That, right there.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I live in a shall-issue state, but I believe that all states should be constitutional carry with no restrictions or requirements because that is how I interpret the 2nd amendment. I believe “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” means just that, that our Right is not to be infringed upon in any way.

That’s not to say that I don’t believe in training. I received training from the time I was a child in marksmanship and firearm safety and care, I received training when I took a hunter safety course at my public school, I received training in the military and I continue to train on my own and seek training from professionals. Not because I’m required to, but because I believe in it. I believe that this Right, just like all of our other inalienable Rights, comes with great responsibility.


There is no evidence that mandated training gives any increased safety. It is certainly a way to make it more difficult and more expensive to utilize a Constitutionally protected right. It is part of the many “gun control” laws that are designed to keep the poor and lower middle income from being able to effectively protect themselves and their families, deliberately making them dependent on government which is inadequate at best.

In Kalifornia the initial training required for a CCW will run between $250 and $350 and the “refresher” course required every 2 years runs another roughly $100. That’s before the addition fee’s for qualifying with whatever gun(s) you want on your permit. So essential it becomes part of the Jim Crow laws governing the carrying of a firearm.

That is not saying training is a bad idea. It is not and everyone should take the opportunity to get as much training as they can. But mandatory training is unconstitutional since it doesn’t serve to measurably increase safety or decrease crime or violence, and is designed to keep people from being able to carry.