Concealment Sweet Spot (for Females and beyond)

I’m making this topic to respond to @Levi2 from the welcome thread (link: Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself - #6668 by Levi2) and to not weigh down the welcome thread, and to extend a current topic on female concealment.

So far, I have been exploring with a Sticky Holster paired with their belly band (I understand the risks and deficiencies of the soft holsters, including the extra step to reholster and the lack of good trigger protection - not sold on it, but it’s been the only option so far that truly conceals), and I also got a Kydex holster from Hawg. I got a magnetic holster from JM4 which I’ve kind of given to my husband because I’m not sure I got the right one, it’s a bit too heavy for my clothing. I just watched some additional content from PHLsters that helped me understand more the mechanics of holsters and learn about how to find my “concealment sweet spot” so there is work to do :slight_smile: I really think these are a decent starting point.
PHLsters videos like this one.

I’ve been impressed with how much concealment some people achieve, and this has definitely not been easy so far in most of my clothing. This weekend I might sit down and really try to find my sweet spot, and figure out what augmentation the holster needs. I think the kydex holster needs a wing and/or a wedge.

I’ve also been watching Stav at SheEquipsHerself because she does employ a lot of different concealment strategies. Being a woman, the different outfits do require some extra effort (or sacrifice). However I do not want to carry off-body. At all.

I’m definitely in the “take in all information and use my own brain to reason about it” stage, knowing and remembering that I really know nothing, and so just discerning what is good information can be challenging.

Another takeaway from all the content in the Women’s Carry space: I have seen way too many ads in the last few weeks for women’s conceal carry clothing, and most of it fails the holster requirements. And at some point, I am not paying extra to have my kydex wrapped in fancy floral prints :rose: I can sort of understand having fun with it? But it seems way too easy to spend too much money and energy in the wrong direction, with this stuff. There needs to be money left for lots of range ammo!

Levi2 writes,

Glad you are working towards improving your skills! There’s a lot of people out there that have the mindset that having the firearm is enough. They don’t practice or develop the skill in any way. Im not saying one has to be a precision marksman, but we need to be able to constantly hit what we aim for. In the event we have to use our firearm for self defense, we are responsible for every round that leaves the barrel. Collateral damage is not an option.

I’ve also been watching some legal or strategy kinds of videos, getting my head into the space. I definitely am focused as much on skills, non-lethal self-defense, as well as physical training. I am a long time yoga practitioner, but I’m not that strong and I’ve had some chronic pain issues in the past. So I’m lifting weights multiple times a week, continuing yoga, and plan to engage in some kind of martial art or non-firearm self-defense skills as well. I’m actually also really interested in marksmanship and accuracy in general. I’m in my 40s – and just yesterday was pining about how as a kid I had an inkling towards biathlon, but just never got the opportunity. That might be a fun thing to try sometime! Hopefully it snows in NH soon.


Great post! Its always a struggle at first to find "your " holster. I have a drawer full of holsters that I thought would work, but didn’t, for one reason or another. Once you find what works, it’s easy to get the same thing for everything…there may be tweaks to make for different firearms, but that’s easier when you know what you want.

Above are two different holsters, one i wear at the 3:30 -4-o-clock position, and the other is my appendix holster. The kydex appendix holster has a mod wing to keep the grip close to the body. Since i have the holster set up to ride high, it tends to try to tip foward, hence the wedge. In addition to providing padding between the holster and my body, it pushes the bottom of the holster outward slightly to keep the grip in close to my fat. Really helps hide the larger guns i tend to carry.

Hopefully it doesn’t snow here! :joy::cold_face:


I have been using the clinger holster for a few years now.
It works for me. I use my IWB kydex holsters for doing drills.


The grip of that top pistol is really nice, wow.

Is that a kydex holster made especially for appendix carry? That’s definitely something that I haven’t been too clear about - whether the kydex holster I got is optimal (or perhaps some holsters are more adaptable for this).

I really do think the wedge is key. The wing, I still am not 100% clear on. Does it rotate the whole rig? It’s on the clip side of the holster, so faces outward, not toward the body. So I’m not clear on how that works, it pushes at the clothing? :smiley: I may just need to get one to try it out.


The wing, often referred to as a claw, helps pull the bottom of the grip closer to your body by pushing against your clothing and preferably a belt. It can make a noticeable difference in reducing printing. Some have the ability to add spacers of different thicknesses so you can fine tune how tucked in the grip gets. Too loose and the grip sticks out a little more. Too tight can make it more difficult to get your hand on the grip to draw. Same with the wedge. Too much wedge can be uncomfortable and make for a more difficult draw. Some outfits like Tier 1 sell wedges of different thicknesses so you can see what works best.

I find different holster and pistol combos require different wedge and claw thicknesses. Different pants and belts can also change how well a certain claw or wedge work as well.


Thanks! That’s my new one :heart_eyes:. The kydex holster shown can be used for appendix or strong side carry. It just depends on what you like. The wing pushes against the back of your belt/waistband to push the grip back to your body. For a lot of people, appendix carry doesn’t work. 1.) It’s not the most comfortable to sit… if you don’t have everything set up correctly, the holster will dig into your leg. 2.) There’s some pretty large arteries in the area the firearm points towards. An accidental discharge can be a fatal one. That said, my appendix holsters are often more expensive than holsters i have for other carry methods, I make sure the firearm fits properly and make sure nothing inside contacts the trigger when pressure is applied to the back of the firearm, and i wear the holster at home as i would out but with a snap cap to make sure it’s good to go. The last thing I really want to do is 8-mile myself, so I vet the holster more so than a different carry holster.


There are quite a few holsters out there that you can swap around to multiple positions on your belt and get acceptable results, but… for “the best” results get a holster that is purpose built for where you plan to carry.

Tessah Booth (formerly “Armed & Styled”) has a couple videos on the Phlster specifically, and several on CCW clothes and holsters in general

Here are a couple other links that might be useful to browse through…