Concealed Carry Report: Delaware Senate Proposes New Gun Bills

The Constitution of the state of Delaware, Article 1, Section 20: A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and state, and for hunting and recreational use.

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Wow, sounds like the beginning of a HITLER reshem.
Remember New Zealand went this way and the people lost nearly all their firearms within a few years.


I’d NEVER live in that state.

Speaking of that, I’d be curious how many USCCA Members (or at least community members) live in Delaware.


“Gun laws in Delaware require that you make a public declaration about your permit application. That declaration must be published by a local newspaper 10 days before the application. After you have publicly declared, the office of the attorney general will make a detailed review and determine if your application will be granted … or not.”

Thank you very much for this post. I found this particularly interesting and wanted to highlight it for others… What other states have something to this effect? No wonder they have issued so few permits in Delaware? Lots of hoops to jump through. Great find and post. Thank you

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I live in Delaware and I am a member of USCCA, I went through everything and then I finally gave up when I needed 5 people to write written statements attesting to my character and why I wanted to conceal carry. Well, after that I just said screw it. I now carry a Sig P365 with a loaded magazine full of hollow point rounds. My right will NOT be infringed.

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though i do not like it,Delaware do have open carry without permit but it is a shame they require 5 references to get a permit. I pray for the day when HB38 get passed and for constitutional carry in all states.

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