Colorado just used its ‘red flag’ gun seizure law for the first time — one day after it took effect - The Washington Post

according to the “red flag laws”, ANYONE who has an inkling about you is allowed to make a statement to “law enforcement” of any kind and away goes your rights. The red flag laws are just a way for the “government” to take away more rights from law abiding citizens and hand them over to the criminals, who by the way have absolutely no thoughts to abide by any laws or regulations that are in place or may be in place. There’s my two cents.

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@CascadiaNow interesting detail here… I personally know 2 people who have attempted suicide by firearm and failed, with no permanent disability resulting, and none that have succeeded. I do know 3 who have succeeded with other methods.

My experience may not reflect the norm, but I see so much skewing of data when firearms are part of the topic that I am not sure I trust the data as generally circulated.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your friends, @Zee and @Spence. These seem like difficult experiences that would definitely shape one’s views.

Again, it’s not my field, but what I could find quickly online does seem to confirm that these experiences are not the norm, and that suicide by firearm is by far the most lethal form. According to one study, suicide by firearm has almost 90% lethality, followed by drowning (56.4%) and hanging (52.7%). Interestingly, ingesting meds is only 1.5% fatal. The study’s methods seem straightforward, and as far as I know they don’t have an agenda re. guns one way or the other:

Other studies seem to get similar results. It makes intuitive sense, especially with the finding that most suicides are impulsive, with 1/4 making the decision 5 minutes before the attempt.

I’m all for protecting due process and the 2A, but I think it’s also worth being realistic about what some of the tough public policy issues are and being involved in the discussions. Our state rural health service has been working with the pro-2A community to raise awareness of the warning signs. The goal is not to take guns but to help people get help, which seems to require just these kinds of conversations.

that’s an entirely reasonable approach.
I guess my problem is I don’t believe the goal IS to help people. I believe - for many, maybe most, of the people driving it - it IS to take guns.


I’m with @Zee here. The big push is for control, it’s not to help anyone. I do like that your area is working to raise awareness of the warning signs. That is a respectable approach.


Unfortunately, I know a lot of people on the receiving end of the crosshairs. I’ve been there myself (not about firearms). I continue to take the high road because I will not let their behaviors change who I am. I will definitely fight, but not at their low level. (Unless it’s physical self-defense then all bets are off to save my life and the lives of my loved ones.)

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I only have personal knowledge of one suicide.

It was with a firearm (shotgun) that did not belong to the individual who used it on himself (it had been borrowed for hunting).
He put thought into what he was doing.
He locked and chained his apartment door.
He smashed his telephone (land line this was a few years before cell phones).
He laid himself out in a cast iron bathtub (we are assuming to help with clean up).
He put the shotgun underneath the right side of his jaw (we assume thinking whoever found him would see the left side of his head as they entered the room).
He did not leave a note.

I am the one that found him and this was my brother. Happened just over 30 years ago now between Christmas and New Years. My wife and I were with him 5 days before he took his own life (he had agreed to spend Christmas with us).
There were no indicators he was depressed or even thinking of suicide.

My point is this, some people DO know what they are doing and do not want help or to be stopped. We may never understand the why, but he thought this out and executed his plan.

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@DBrogue hard story. And I believe you are right… those who mean to do this, not as a fleeting thought but really mean to do it, will find a way. It’s just hard on the ones they leave behind.


Red flag laws help in absolutely zero ways. They don’t give any means for healthcare for those that have mental problems. If they do have mental health issues it increases their chances for harming themselves or others with other items. The clueless politicians only think about themselves so you don’t get notified when they make a red flag raid so like I said they don’t protect anyone. Yet what they do is to violate every protection that the constitution gives us citizens and no where does it state only those that we believe are in the state of mind we want them to be. All of these must be dealt with by pushing back against them.

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I wonder what would happen if someone made a report about these politicians and their houses got raided


Thanks for sharing, @DBrogue. Fair point, and I’m sorry for your loss.

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Nice to know, very comforting, that Trump can think for us! Good thinking Donaldo!

It makes me wonder how seriously he has considered the perils of second amendment carpetbaggers. Not much at all, in my estimation. He belongs to the “Pelosi - LaPierre Club” of personal protection.
Where’s SCOTUS, hiding under Bader “Buzzy” Ginsburg’s apron? I suppose they’re busy “reaching across the aisle”, as they say in the kitchen, keeping out of each other’s way.

You might suspect by now they really DO want to see a counter revolution on behalf of homestead pioneers.

This issue is a no brainer, and that tells me Trump has put no thought into it at all, except that he and some of his comrades in the Republican party, when they had unlimited opportunities, apparently deemed it to be politically appropriate and socially correct, to score a few points in the rationally sane category. I understand; he’s very busy, tied up, and distracted at the moment.
So keep “reaching out”, good boy scouts! I’m very proud of you!

I propose a permanent stay on ropes, kitchen knives, baseball bats, any and all blunt instruments, 6 story buildings, cars, trucks, pillows, and Drano!


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I’m not sure what you’re referring to, @Dave32? The article doesn’t refer to the President at all??

BTW, please remember name-calling is against the Community Standards - even against people who are not on the Community.


All the red flag laws is just another to violate the 2A illegally and to confiscate weapons and to make subjects out of us,just look at history.


I’m referring to another article posted somewhere in your forum that clearly declares Trump’s support for the “RedFlag”. (Very interesting)

To take it further, I highly suspect there are just enough Republicans scared of the R Word,“reciprocity”. We will very soon find out what their suit of armor is made of. I hope I’m wrong, but it’s only a good hunch!

Off topic as it may be, do you or anyone else here think this is in the best interest of 2nd amendment issues? Or could it be some are in delusion about Trump’s commitment to 2nd amendment as a priority? There is strong evidence to suggest some Republicans in recent histor, are in delusion about it.

I believe Lindsey Graham was also mentioned in there.

Point being that he either supports it or he doesn’t. According to the article, which one you will have to look it up, He does indeed…

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Nice of the AG to step in. I imagine the rest of us won’t get that favor

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Yeah. I am glad the bs case got thrown out for the officer. But you know that when it gets abused on a civilian, they won’t get the same level of representation or consideration.

1 law for the rich, 1 for public servants and one for everyone else

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