Red flag laws are corrupted and abused

the red flag laws will be twisted and corrupted just like everything else that they do, they will use it against law abiding citizens to attack our rights. the idea is to get the criminal element off the street and put away not law-abiding citizens.


Isn’t that the plan in today’s society. Keep law abiding citizens defenseless in order to keep evil minded people safe? If a law abiding individual uses the red flag law to report criminal activity they will be lumped into hillary’s basket of deplorables. If an evil minded person uses the red flag to disarm an honest person, they will be hailed as a hero. " Good is evil, evil is good". Just my opinion.


It’s a complete cover for taking any gun/guns without DUE PROCESS! Period.


Good Idea or Not. The Right Way to keep citizens safe or not. These Red Flag laws are written so vague. I suspect they are written and implemented for the sole purpose of making them easy to use/abuse with no due process and no chance of retribution to the authorities.


Red flag laws are in response to law enforcement, mental health, judicial and other government agencies that do not report known wolves to the NCIS where background checks would prevent them from acquiring firearms.

The Virginia Tech shooter was actually adjudicated as presenting a threat to himself and others, yet none of the authorities involved reported him to the NCIS. Likewise, the Gabby Giffords shooter, the Southerland Springs shooter, the Parkland high school shooter (who had been handled more than 30 times local law enforcement), the South Carolina church shooter (who had been arrested a few days before buying a firearm) are all instances where mass killers were well known to authorities who did nada a squada to protect the public from them by simply reporting them to the NCIS.

So, now we get red flag laws that empower anyone who’s afraid a gun owner to enlist the same incompetent law enforcement to come a take their firearms without much in the way of due process.


Article lost me at
No reason to be alarmed.

TLDR version.

Puff piece, wouldn’t read again.

It goes WELL beyond NICS. This is about confiscating firearms already owned by law abiding citizens, without due process, based on an allegation that doesn’t even have to be credible. And the person making the allegation won’t be held accountable for their lies or misleading information. And it most especially has me concerned after what they got away with during “the pandemic”, with so many citizens responding, “Yes! Strip me of my rights if you say it’s to protect me.” Combine these red flag laws with so many governors being able to so easily declare “emergency powers” with so many loyal subjects praising those tyrannical actions because of promises that it’s making them safer.

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