Collection of alternative weapons?

Weapons can be highly collectible. I can bet that a few of you have knife collections and some might have martial arts weapons collections.

What weapons would you like to collect?

Share a photo below of one you’d like


These small knives are called Eunjangdo - a silver knife that is a traditional Korean accessory that is hung from a woman’s coat strings skirt


They’re deadly works of art.


I have a small collection of exotic knives - but not a korean one @Dawn. I’m away from home so these are typical pictures, (not my knifes) but I have:
A sgian-dubh - it’s a Scottish sock-knife (say “ski-an-DOO”) similar to this one
Scotsmen wear them in their sock-top, the women usually carry them in a pocket or inside a bodice.

and a pair of bedouin (probably Moroccan) Jambiya similar to this (but no keyhole, and damascus blades):


This is a ceremonial knife given to boys when they reach manhood, and are generally not actually used for anything except show.

what I want now is one of these :smiley:


A couple of these…



just sayin’ :laughing:


I personally believe in “collector value”. It’s an imaginary excuse one uses to convince themselves to over pay for what is typically old junk. I have a family member who loves old cars. I ask him why he would ever pay $50,000 for a car that doesn’t go nearlya s fast as a modern $15,000 car, doesn’t have air conditioning and isn’t anywhere near as smooth or fuel effecient.

Of course I already know the reason, it’s rare, it’s an investment, but when you think about it, it’s intangible worth. Sure, value is in the eye of the beholder, but ultimately I look at cars, and guns, like tools. I’m not going to pay $1,000 for a hammer just because it’s old. I am going to swing that hammer, drive that car and shoot that gun.

Guns are made to be shot, not sit in safes.


I’d like to collect the ones that got away. Except for the ones that got away to my boys.

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I like sticks and swords… A few of these: HIMALAYAN IMPORTS - Khukuris, page 1 : khukuri, kukri, kukris, khukri, kukhri, gurkha, gorkha, gurka, Nepal would be nice to have.

Staff or bo are my favorite. Very effective, don’t scream “weapon”.

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I have something like those in my vehicles. They’d leave a mark for sure, but I dont know how they stand up after a fight, if the light will survive. I have used it as a tire thumper for the inside tires on my dually and it still works.