CMR-30 goes click, not bang

Hey all. I picked up a Kel-Tec CMR-30 about a year ago and it has been an up and down journey. When it works, it is superb. But it has barely run a full mag in nearly 700 rounds since new purchase. The initial problems were down to old style magazine springs which they swapped for new mags with firmer updated springs. I shot it yesterday and it ran through one mag of 28 cartridges perfectly, but the second mag shot a bit then the trigger just went click. I continued to unload and try again, but each time just click, remove cartridge with knife, cycle slide, then click again. I’ve written to them and hope to hear back later this week. A few pics:

Looks like your firing pin is broken off and/or rotated 90* out of turn. Do you have a successfully fired case to show that the FP strike looks like?



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I thought something similar. I was not smart enough to save a good one. Can a simpleton reorient it?

I’m not familiar with that platform at all but if you know how to get the bolt out it should be pretty obvious if it rolled. From your pic it looks broken off or stuck in a neutral position. Try cleaning the bolt. Mebby hit it with brake cleaner and see if it moves back?



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Thanks, Craig. I’ll try to take a loot this week. I’m not sure what normal looks like, but I’ll hunt down a pic, thanks to Al Gore’s Internet.

Not sure if you’ve got the manual or if it will help, but here’s a link to it:

Thank you! The blow out diagram certainly helps me understand how it goes together.

Firing pin(s) on the way under warranty. Tell me more about using brake clean. I noticed it was mentioned again on another thread.

Brake cleaner cleans everything… just make sure to oil afterwards as it removes all oils. Great for cleaning out gun parts to removing oil stains on driveways… and ofcourse its actual purpose cleaning brake components.

Thanks Thomas. Can’t it damage wood, grips, etc? I’ve heard the same about electrons cleaner.

There should be no need to get it on the wood.

You haven’t witnessed me using PB Blaster in the garage. :checkered_flag:

Thanks again guys. Learned a lot. Got the firing pin (and a spare) last week. Put the new one in this morning. The old one was broken at the base. Took the opportunity o clean it while it was apart. Let’s hope that this is the end of the saga. It is worth noting that the Kel-Tec guys were helpful and sent the parts n/c instead of me sending the firearm to them. Easy and cheap for everyone.