Check your Ammo

Finally got my new pistol out today and the second round i grabbed wouldn’t go in the magazine! First thought it was a dud magazine but then i looked at the bottom of the round and it was a 380!!
I finally found a Kel-tec P32 and got some ammo and fired it today, all good, and i have a Kel-tec P3AT 380 so i got something to use the extra 380 round in, but thought I’d share it with y’all. The brand is Aguila 32acp 71grain. Keep your stick on the ice, :v:


Could be a learning moment for me, am I reading this correctly?


Honest question, do they actually play well together?


The 380 wouldn’t fit the 32 magazine, first round went in no problem, first time loading the magazine and i first thought it was stiff spring, but then I thought nope, it’s not going in lol so i looked at the bottom, definitely a larger round. Had to check them all after that. I’m glad it didn’t fit


Was that a box of newly purchased .32 ammo with a single .380 round in it? Or was it a box that had been laying around or bought from someone else who might have mixed up the ammo after the original purchase?


My friend purchased a box of 300 Savage and it had a 243 cartridge in it.


OK now I get it, wrong stuff in the wrong box. That’s some scary stuff right there.


3 hours at the club yesterday, knew I was done when Ioaded a 9mm round into my 1911 mag…boy did that go easy :clown_face:
Fwiw, the only new ammo I ever had an issue with was Aquila
5.56, fail to fire numerous rounds. They acknowledged having some crap ammo get out the door, but no offer to fix the problem. Their loss in the long run.


I purchased 3 different size boxes of ammo from Sportsman Warehouse .com, going to have to check them all. I wrote SW and alerted them to the issue. It says it’s from Mexico so it may have been a quality control issue, no lot# on box or I’d look up Auguila or Aguila and alert them


I have a locally bought box of Fiocchi ? - i figured i try them next, had to quit my range time because it’s 45° and the sun went behind the mountain. Arthritis kicks my behind when it’s cold


I like Fiocci… Don’t have much of it, just a case+ of 9mm, but it shoots well…and it’s all the same size :wink:
We had 38 degrees yesterday, but we have heat in our pistol and rifle stations. Shot offhand/standing all day yesterday, and with the heaters overhead, my head was roasted and shoulders were perfect lol.
I guess getting “baked” has a different meaning than when I was in high school in the 1970’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


that’s why I reload
the one thing I am really worried about is a stray 44 mag ending up in the 45 colt boxes
don’t think it would end well if I didn’t catch this



The stray 380 shows up when loading 9mm on occasion. It’s more visible when it’s loaded with most of the bullet uncovered.

The 44 mag sneaking in with 45 Colt sounds bad. The case would probably split and vent pressure and may not rapidly disassemble your revolver but the hot gasses going in the wrong directions would not be pleasant either. I wouldn’t want to try it.

I load 44 and 45 on my single stage press so it would be caught before making it’s way into the sturdy MTM ammunition box.