Church security training in Southeast Michigan

I live in Wayne/Westland area of Michigan. Because of my security background, I have been building a security ministry at the church I attend and have been collaborating with a couple members of other churches on training. I thought it might be good to see if anyone else out there is interested in working together to build some training courses specifically geared towards houses of worship. Strength in numbers, right? There are several videos and tons of literature on the topic, but nothing beats in person training and being able to interact and share ideas with others. I have already built a beginner course to Conflict Resolution that I have taught and would like to expand upon. Who else might be interested? I am hoping to build more classes revolving around keeping safe the “flock” and would like to make it a quarterly, or even monthly, in person thing.


I would think a lot of time spent on threat recognition would be absolutely necessary.

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Absolutely. That will most likely be the next class I work on building. Recognizing a Threat and Situational Awareness. I think the two topics run hand in hand so a combined class only makes sense.