Chicago: students shot near school, one day after mayor ended police presence


By design


Not sure whether to laugh or cry. Loss of life is always tragic but the circumstances of having an inept mayor leaves me speechless. Black scholars who kill are killers - not scholars. The problem is right in front of their noses but black communities continue to blame white supremacy for their problems.


I don’t think it is a wise idea to remove armed defenders from schools in high crime/gang zones.

Though in this particular case it is completely unrelated since the shooting took place “just blocks” from the school. Having LEOs on school grounds would have done nothing to stop this incident. Just another typical day in Chicago, unfortunately.


I agree that nothing can keep bangers from banging. The all importart task is to separate gangs from school, and school from the getto. This is where SROs, robust justice system and prisons are invaluable (the great state of IL and city of Chicago may yet have bright future!)
“Leave no kids behind” - my foot. One bad apple ruins life chances for 20 kids in this school.


The mayor is now complaining that he is the father and husband to a black wife and black children that need his time and attention too.

Seems upside down and backwards given the growing crime levels in Chicago area.

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I dont recall ever being paid $$$ out of taxpayers’ money to be a father and husband. Not to mention he uses race card to excuse his failure.


I don’t generally believe in systemic racism, but if it does exist, it exists in the educational system.
A kid through no fault of his own who is trying to survive in an inner city neighborhood should have the same opportunity as a kid in Barrington.
Same labs and educational resources and the same level of security.
It’s a shame when these kids’ lives are cut short.


Yet blacks want black on.y schools, black only neighborhoods, black only businesses, blah, blah, blah. If that ever comes bout who will they blame because they can’t control their base impulses and emotions? That’s right whitie let us do that to ourselves. We deserve reparations!

Is this a new Mensa chapter?

Who’s the genius that got rid of the school police anyway?

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