Check out what Pittsburgh had to say


Gun related expos/shows are so dangerous…

In Little Rock, people are literally scared to go to the state fair because of it’s surrounding neighborhoods the most people have to park at and walk thru at night. You hear all sorts of stories and nightmares that time of year. They also host huge gun shows on those very same grounds. Any horror stories then…crickets

Side note. I can’t wait to attend this expo on year. It has passed shot show on my want list.


When their is a car wreck, do cities ask NASCAR not to race there? I wouldn’t gather that the Synagogue shooting made more people aware of the fact that we are our own 1st responders. Kudos to @Tim for calling out the un-Constitutional nature of that bill.


Way to go Mr. Schmidt, you nailed it!! Glad the Expo came to the Burgh!!! Had a great time with Dawn + Don!!!


Gah! These people.
This is why I can no longer watch the news.

What on earth did the Synagogue shooting have to do with lawful carry at all much less concealed carry?

Tim did a great job of representing us there.