CCW Process?

Hello all.

So I just have a quick question regarding Ventura Countys CCW process. So I just got the final approval and paid the last fee and it asked me to schedule an appointment for pick up (which I did). However I was led to believe that you first have to go in and have your photo taken and what not and then you pick up the permit on a later date. Am I wrong? what photo do they use on the CCW Permit if they do not take the photo? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



As far as I know from a different state, it’s a current passport like photo similar to a drivers license photo.
You’ll probably have your photo taken at the appointment and have your permit in hand! Just guessing.
My renewal usually takes 15 minutes, photos, ten card digitally sent check for the appropriate amount and voila, laminated, pretty picture and I’m on my way!


That does make sense, I sure do hope its as quick and easy as that. Thanks for the feedback @Scott52.


Sacramento County permits don’t have a photo
You show up, affix right thumbprint and signature.
Laminated in front of you immediately after.
Old school but works.

My Utah permit has a photo and I used my smartphone to get me a decent shot.


I emailed the Ventura County Sheriff Department’s CCW squad and they confirmed that they take your photo and issue the permit the same day. Thanks everyone for your replies.


Good for you! Adam Schiff’s County is the last place I would expect to receive a CCW permit.

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Close, fortunately tho Burbank is part of LA county. I would never live in the same county as that slime ball.