Carrying on Tribal Lands


So, the state gives out permits, but state law enforement for the most part (can step in on violent crimes) doesn’t have jurisdiction on Tribal Lands because they are sovereign territories.

Non Natives and Natives from other tribes can visit tribal lands, so my question is this, what determines if you can carry on a reservation? Does the state allowing concealed carry supersede the tribal law?


You can check with the tribe and ask. Some have websites, I know I’ve checked to see if my TN permit was recognized in some NC tribal lands through their website.


Yeah, I’ve thought about it. My hunting land is boardered by reservation, so it was something I was just kind of curious about.


That’s a great question. My father side is Native from NY Iroquois Territory Onidea Tribe. Often return back home to Harlem. I have returned back with my father and uncles that grew up on reservation. We always check with the reservation before returning. Websites can also provide some answers every but Tribal territory varies from state to state. Better to check than be questioned.


@rwsisson I have blood in me from the Iroquois federation as well. I have no idea from what area as the federation is made up of how many tribes? Anyways, my land borders the Bad River Band of Anishnaabe in Wisconsin, and their legal link on the site is broken. I doubt anyone really cares, but that’s a dangerous assumption.


I think I’ll just call the tribal police before my next visit.


Try this link, I understand the site is under construction


Thanks! Are you in WI by chance?

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Sure enough, just about any direction I head takes me through tribal land.


Nice! Not everyday I come against another person from the same territory including the tribal region as my family. I was born in Harlem, NYC. We went often back to the reservation b/c we have family still living their nowadays. Some have moved out but some stayed like Grandparents and Great Grandparents etc… I love the land always have!

We always check with our Tribal Police before carrying weapons and always notified our family Federal Attorney before traveling with Firearms. NY is not even an American state no more!


Ehhh it’s such a small amount that it probably doesn’t matter. I’m quite a bit Saami Finnish though, that’s a First Nations people as well. Anyways…

That sucks that New York is so vehemently opposed to people having firearms. I’ve only been to NYC as a kid once. I cannot imagine going to a rez from NYC. That’s gotta be sensory overload.

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Does that explain your height? I’ve got friends who are Finn and Dane and the whole family are like people, only bigger.

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Hahaha, idk maybe it’s evolution to keep our nostrils above the snow line.

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