Carry laws on Native Lands

I’m a resident of Arizona where there are a lot of Reservations in and around our cities and points of interest. It is my understanding that:

  1. You can’t carry on tribal lands without a permit from that particular tribe, but each tribe sets its own laws, so that might not apply to all of them.
  2. If you are on a State road that goes through tribal lands, you are considered as if on State land.
  3. You can apply for a permit with any particular tribe.

I still have a number of questions about this.

  1. Can I still carry while driving on a city road that goes through tribal land?
  2. Am I allowed to store my weapon in my vehicle when I go to tribal land?
  3. Do the tribes have any reciprocity permits between themselves?

We need a pact between the State(s) and/or the Federal government to secure reciprocity and add clarity. In the meantime, it would be great if USCCA (or anyone) could share a map per each state of the reservation borders, with links to the laws for the various reservations and the permit applications.

What do you think?


Great questions!

At this time, the best place to get those specific questions answered would be through the tribe directly. I would suggest reaching out to them to answer those questions.

I will definitely pass along your suggestion for more clarity regarding tribal land. The difficult part is that tribal land is typically allowed to make its own laws and may not always be subject to following federal law.


GO to HandgunLaw.US and roll over the phrase Indian Lands at the top for links to resources and information about various tribal laws regarding firearms and carry.
Specifically for [Arizona](Tribal  Codes or Statutes you can see the content on that site.


Same questions I have when I travel.