Carrying in the big city---LA!

My daughter was accepted into an MBA program in Los Angeles so she has to move down there. I asked her if she wanted to get a CCW (our sheriff is really good about ccws—which are valid throughout the state) but she declined.
However, I’ll likely be visiting and I’m trying to think of differences between carrying in my little cow town and in the big city, especially when considering urban threats and maybe forcing a change in my fightin’ tools.

Like here, the weather is mild so concealment is imperative. I have a choice between my Centennial (pocket carry) and a 1911 (IWB) I don’t know if the police in LA are as reputedly anti 2A as the ones in SF, but “printing” needs to be avoided at all costs or there will be administrative hell to pay. This makes me think pocket carrying the Centennial is what I want.
I don’t want to buy a new pistol (much less hunt for a holster and ammo) and have to “learn” it just for LA trips as time & money are precious right now.
But I may have to.
The weakness of pocket carry is while driving of course but I’m thinking of transferring my Roscoe to the center console or driver’s door when driving.
That might be a good habit anyway.
Just a bunch of idle thoughts right now. I thought I’d ask what your thoughts are on the subject.


Yes, I would agree strongly on that thought. No printing allowed. LA City is no fan of self reliance and self defense.

I simply won’t go there any more. Put SF on my list of no go places too. Sad.


Yeah, but I kind of have to go to LA. She’s my daughter.


That’s a real concern I understand. We have relatives there and the choice to carry comes with very big risks, but I suppose I’d rather take a risk on the Constitution than a funeral. That said, if you carry in L.A., or anywhere else in CA, I’d take every precaution, and then some more, to AVOID being in places where there’s even a slight, predictable risk of having to use the weapon. You will probably go to jail…is it worth it?
There are no good answers to your question, just some that may be better, no-good ones.

@John292 I did my MBA & BS from my living room, much to be said for on line learning as we have discovered via the Wuhan Flu. My sheep skin looks just like those poor buggers that went brick and mortar.



Maybe you could carry this IWB if it prints in pocket.

I’m not a fan AIWB BUT with a small gun will be really hard to spot. Belly band with this gun is another Really concealed option.

I know you said no new gun but Rugar LCP is really well liked and it’s only $200 (assuming you find one).

Clothing and fabric choices will be imperative.
For example cotton over rayon. But it’s up to you for comfort vs visibility.
Pocket carry affords you deepest concealment while waistband in a larger city/ more people, will be more dangerous.
If I had to travel to a communist state I would go with the smallest possible weapon. First rule of traveling to any of our communist cities, is don’t get caught. They just don’t care about your safety.

No printing in pleated slacks and cargo pants/shorts, so I’m good. The 1911 is more of an issue—not the barrel but the grip. Perhaps a Summer Special 2 type would work for me

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I wear long sleeves all day every day for work, so long sleeves and heat don’t bother me. I don’t know what the weather is like out there, but when I go somewhere that I know has people that are freaky about carrying, I’ll iwb and have an unbuttoned flannel shirt on top. The pattern helps break up any printing.

As others have said, concealment is the #1 concern. If pocket carry is the most concealable, go with that. If you want to work on the 1911 for concealment, that can be a long-term project and may require new holster, new carry position, etc. But the pocket carry will get you there “now”. Every carry method has its pros/cons.

Not saying dont do it, but do be very careful with this. There’s a thread here where a SJW saw a CCW holstering his firearm as he got out of the car and then tackled him and took his firearm as he entered a store. You must be extra careful not to be seen holstering/unholstering the firearm. And also, make sure the firearm is secured wherever you store it. If you get in an accident, even a low-speed rear-end fender bender that thing can go flying and end up where you dont want it.

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