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We were introduced to Kim Petters, a U.S. Air Force veteran who developed PTSD but found relief with Delaware’s medical marijuana program. Due to federal law 18 U.S.C. 922 (g), however, legal users of cannabis can not be legal owners of firearms. Petters, and others in similar situations, are faced with the difficult decision of choosing protection or pain relief. Dr. Corey Burchman, a Navy veteran in New York City, believes CBD can be used as an alternative to opioids, noting that owning a gun is allowed for users of other prescribed forms of pain relief.

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What would be more dangerous someone having PTSD too the point of no return and suffering serious headache that we would not be able too defendl ourselves or family.To which I don’t wish upon no one. Why not start a training program for that they shall be able to legally own there firearms. My thoughts only .


First everyone must understand that PTSD effects everyone in some way or another. There are to many people out there claiming PTSD that need to be recheck (sorry if you think im wrong . But i do have a case of PTSD . But i dont need the med or weed for it i can deal with it) Until the law changes the ATF will not change there ways . But remember this if you are a Veteran and the VA allows this they can and will try to take your firearms away .That the VA can do if they deem you are a danger to yourself or others .So to those who do use this for medical or what ever .Even if the law changes the states will nail you with a type of DUI.