Cannabis and Firearms: Profiles — Kim Petters | USCCA

We were introduced to Kim Petters, a U.S. Air Force veteran who developed PTSD but found relief with Delaware’s medical marijuana program. Due to federal law 18 U.S.C. 922 (g), however, legal users of cannabis can not be legal owners of firearms. Petters, and others in similar situations, are faced with the difficult decision of choosing protection or pain relief. Dr. Corey Burchman, a Navy veteran in New York City, believes CBD can be used as an alternative to opioids, noting that owning a gun is allowed for users of other prescribed forms of pain relief.

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I’m all for MEDICAL USE OF CANNABIS as long as it is done UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION AND A MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION. AND NOT JUST FOR RECREATIONAL USE. And I also feel that if you do use it. That you should not go practice, compete or carry right after you use cannabis. And that it be treated just like alcohol as well.

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I’m from the generation when the mention of marijuana was bad… People of course were smoking it but good kids stayed away from it because it was evil and would ruin your life… Fast forward 50 years and my wife gets a wicked nasty gastrointestinal disease and she can’t drink a cup of water without it coming right back up… They thought they were going to have to put a feeding tube in her. After a trial on some medication not approved for use in the US a doctor didn’t suggest she try marijuana because it was not legal where we were living but he told us he had heard people had success with it controlling the vomiting. Desperate and willing to try anything some of it showed up and she gave it a try… The results were amazing! The constant vomiting eased up and the inflamed lining of her stomach was able to heal up some. Still having the marijuana bad mentality I put an end to it when she quit puking everything back up but within a couple of weeks, it started happening again. There is no known cure for what she has, it’s something that has to be managed and can go from mild to wild in a hurry. We now live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and she is a law-abiding card-carrying user… One hit before every meal and she’s fine… It was such an amazing and noticeable benefit that it has made me a firm believer in the medicinal use of the stuff… I still have no use for it personally and don’t care for it at all but without a doubt, it is an absolute necessity for her. While I have no use for it and have never liked it I do and have always believed it should be legalized… Just because I don’t smoke, drink, or get high doesn’t mean others in a free country should not be able to have their liberty to do as they please. The argument that we don’t know enough about the negative effects of people’s health is a BS argument to me… We do know that alcohol and cigarettes are responsible for a laundry list of health issues including death yet people can buy them on every corner… It’s time to let responsible adults make their own decisions… After all, we are trying to maintain the appearance of a free republic. LOL