Can I legally own a firearm if I am a resident of public housing?

Can I legally own a firearm if I am a resident of public housing?


You will have to read your contract or contact your housing rep. :+1:
P.S. It helps if we know the State.

District Court Judge Phil Gilbert ruled that ESLHA cannot deny, through rules or regulations, a tenant’s right to lawfully own a firearm.

HUD provides no guidance on the issue of firearms in Public Housing, relying on Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) to follow state and local requirements. Many PHAs choose reasonable regulation. Typically, this means that they place restrictions on firearms in common areas. At the same time, residents are allowed to lawfully keep firearms in their rental units and transport them appropriately when taken out of the home.

Although the Second Amendment provides the right to bear arms, it does not keep private property owners from restricting the presence of guns. For example, many shopkeepers post signs banning guns from their stores. Unless a state explicitly prohibits landlords from banning firearms, they can restrict any activity they want as long as it is not in violation of federal civil rights and fair housing laws. Some states, like Tennessee, explicitly allow landlords to restrict the possession of guns on their properties. Others, like Minnesota, forbid landlords from banning legal possession of firearms.

Landlords who accept Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are accountable to state and local laws on gun possession. Because of the variations between states, there are many places where Section 8 voucher holders may not be able to keep firearms in their apartments. Some states, however, have taken steps requiring Section 8 landlords to allow residents to lawfully keep firearms. In 2016, Maine passed a law that forbids landlords who accept Section 8 vouchers from barring firearms kept lawfully by tenants. It not only applies to private landlords accepting Section 8 vouchers, but to virtually all publicly assisted housing in the state.

Housing authorities and private property owners that receive housing subsidies have an interest in maintaining safe living environments for their residents. At the same time, low-income residents have the same constitutional rights as wealthier households. Low-income renters who own firearms should check with the housing authority or property owner about gun possession rules before taking an apartment. You can also ask your local legal services office about state and local laws relating to keeping firearms in a rental property.


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