Can anyone validate this? Biden Grant Program to Fund Free Crack Pipes for 'Equity'

I got to say I find this one… well… is this real???

President Biden, through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), rolled out a new “Harm Reduction Grant” program for Fiscal Year 2022, supposedly designed to “support community-based overdose prevention programs, syringe services programs, and other harm reduction services.” But if you thought “Obamaphones” were a poor use of taxpayer funds, Joe Biden is one-upping his predecessor with “Bidenpipes,” perhaps inspired by his son Hunter.

With an emphasis on “health equity” — defined by the Biden administration as “ensuring that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible” and "the right to access quality health care for all populations regardless of the individual’s race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or geographical location — the grant program outlines what allocated taxpayer funds may be used for in the name of “harm reduction.”

As the grant program document (found in full here) explains, funds can be used to:

  • Purchase equipment and supplies to enhance harm reduction efforts, such as:
    • Harm reduction vending machine(s), including stock for machines;
    • Infectious diseases testing kits (HIV, HBV, HCV, etc.);
    • Medication lock boxes;
    • FDA-approved overdose reversal medication (as well as higher dosages now approved by FDA);
    • Safe sex kits, including PrEP resources and condoms;
    • Safe smoking kits/supplies;
    • Screening for infectious diseases (HIV, sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis);
    • Sharps disposal and medication disposal kits;
    • Substance test kits, including test strips for fentanyl and other synthetic drugs;
    • Syringes to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases;
    • Vaccination services (hepatitis A, hepatitis B vaccination); and
    • Wound care management supplies.

The bullet point that is the most eyebrow-raising is “safe smoking kits/supplies,” the bureaucrat-sanitized term for crack pipes.

While they may sound innocuous, “safe smoking kits” typically include a clean pipe and other supplies that can be used to smoke crack, meth, or fentanyl (or parmesan cheese, if your name is Hunter Biden). Thanks to the Biden administration, taxpayer dollars can soon be used by grant recipients to buy and provide these crack pipe kits to those struggling with addiction.

In Maryland’s Anne Arundel County, safe smoking kits have already drawn the ire of community leaders in recent years, leading the county to stop including clean pipes in its kits aimed at helping users — which only raises additional questions about why the Department of Health and Human Services is pushing to provide literal crack pipes paid for by taxpayer funds as part of a grant program aimed at “harm reduction.”

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No google hits except the Townhall article.

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I saw this on several of the Fox News Channel shows last night. And from what was said it does look like it is true. Well I think that this money should be used to help these addicts off of drugs.

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Promoting drug addiction by creating a paraphernalia entitlement doesn’t sound equitable.
Not to me anyway



Money. Moolah.

Look at how liberal and left-leaning the nonprofits that would receive this funding.

We’re in the wrong business.


Can you spell SOCIALISM?


Hunter owns the pipe distributor franchise… :clown_face:


sad what we seem to be coming to… and IMHO disgraceful…


I’m surprised this was not implemented in the Obummer administration.

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This is how “they” want us, Stoned, Stupid and Starving. :angry:


So I “help” homeless drug addicts and make it known that it was a Democrat in the White House that advocated for this "help. Actually it’s a brilliant move, uneducated people that know which party is giving them free stuff will certainly vote for more free stuff.


The party of Santa Claus :santa:

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I bet it was Hunter Biden’s idea. :laughing:


If you’re high, you won’t notice your liberty being removed. May as well accelerate the process.
Yeah, I saw the crack pipe thing, $30 mil allocated. No big news imo, as we already give free needles to heroin addicts in SF, Portland, and I’d imagine other cities, and free condoms in some high schools.


It’s all part of the Master Plan. :skull_and_crossbones:


Unfortunately it’s real.

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When people make everything political we as Americans suffer, God commands us to love all regardless of who, what, when and why and if you find yourself in a us vs them reevaluate your love for God. He alone will judge for He knows the heart and mind of all past, present and future. IJS

From Russia, to China, to Albania, to Cuba, and not to forget National-Socialist Workers’ Germany… anyone caught with a crack pipe would be working on glorious construction projects of the Fatherland, for the next 5-10 years.
Nope, something else is going on here.


When govt serves you drugs, it means they have absolutely nothing else to serve you.