Buying a gun in another state

So I live in Mass with a LTC. I also own a home in VT. Can I legally buy a gun in VT that is not Mass legal if I keep it full time in VT or does my Mass license tie me to Mass laws.


Even though he practices law in Kentucky, my friend can help you out when it pertains to the law.

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Hello @PappyDewBoston, I’m establishing dual residency as well, I’m sure @MikeBKY will speak to this and help confirm. I’m currently a CA resident and we’re looking to establish residency in AZ as well. So it’s my understanding I’ll be able to purchase in AZ so long as I maintain “X” amount of time between both residences actually living between them both vs having a “vacation” home

As we both work from home offices work is a matter of having internet or at least cellular connections so I can literally take my desk phone and laptop and plug them in to an internet connection or work off my cellphone using my VoIP end client app for my office number, and connect with my iPad to the cloud for my cloud based apps.

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In general you can buy a long gun in any state. Pistols you must be a resident of or have residency. Proof of residency “MAY” be satisfied by having a a power or water bill for your VT home and your MA license. I believe it is still illegal to have two drivers licenses but not illegal to have a “State Issued ID Card” (which will not allow you to vote, mostly) and will have your VT residence on it. The easiest thing to do is talk with your local VT gun shop and see what the REAL rules are. The other option is a FTF purchase from a non FFL private seller. Vt like most states have online boards for buying and selling guns, I would be up front with the seller and explain the situation and bring proof of your residence, some folks are persnikity and others need cash.




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A person can maintain residence in any number of locations. The best way of looking at this from the perspective of domicile (sometimes referred to a primary or principal residence) versus residence. A person can have only one domicile while they maintain residences in multiple places. It will usually be the place were you live most of the time, where you register to vote and the state identified on your federal tax returns. Your domicile is the place you plan to return to indefinitely even though you may be away for a long time. It is your permanent place of residence. If you occupy properties in more than one jurisdiction, the law will look at the factors above to determine domicile. For instance, my son spent a few months at Parris Island, SC then went to Jacksonville NC from there to Fort Benning, GA and then to Twentynine Palms CA and is now in Lima Ohio. Throughout his time in the Marine Corps he resided in many states but he still was a Kentucky resident and domiciled in Kentucky. Now that he is in OH, his domicile is up in the air. I would say it is still KY although he is legally a resident of OH, But he does plan on staying OH for more than another year or so and he really doesn’t intend on moving back to KY. Since he was domiciled in KY and does not plan on staying where he is or coming back, his domicile is still arguably KY.
The same could be said of people when they reside at two properties. You can establish residency, in both but only one can be your domicile. That is the long legal explanation.
@PappyDewBoston When purchasing a firearm from a dealer, you will need to present them with satisfactory identification to show you are a resident. If you get your license there that would probably suffice. And you cannot have two licenses. You also need to consider that changing your residence may invalidate your current LTC. If someone moves from another state to Kentucky, their LTC is no longer valid in KY since our law requires a resident of KY to have a KY license, although with constitutional carry, that is less of an issue. KY will not issue a state KY state ID if the person has a license in another state.


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