Bump Stock Ban...whatcha gonna do?


So the ban is in full swing. What’s the consensus? Boat accident? Aliens?


Bump stock? No, no bump stock here…


@Skywalker87, bummer about your boat.


I don’t have or want a bump stock but this is a slippery slope and I’m sorry for what this will mean for the rest of us in the years to come.

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I agree with you, @Kirk! We have to protect the minutia of our rights or they will be whittled away.

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I’m a boat sinkin coonass. Even have photo evidence hahaha

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I have an eco trigger. No bump stock needed and ATF approved!!

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As someone already said, I have never owned nor used a bump stock. I see them as a novelty that only decreases cycling reliability, increases wear on trigger components, and definitely wastes ammunition. Having said all of that, it is absolutely a slippery slope towards getting more of our rights taken away. If others want to abuse their AR-15s with a bump stock, then I think they should be allowed to do so.