Bulletproof Suit - Garrison Bespoke


huh,… and it was just a day or so ago the folks in Toronto want to end handguns in their province…
Seems to me a manufacturer goes to where their products can get to the people who need them.

  • Oh, and reminds me, anything that would look good and still do the work of dispersing the energy of incoming rounds… that’s got to be a recipe for really bad bruises for days!! Think John Wick pt II.
  • I wonder what the lead time is for a fitting.

Better than bullet holes…


I am all over this! I will purchase and let you j so if it is real.


Thank you Sully.

I’ve recently seen indications there is a new 3-d printed material which is exceptionally light in weight and yet impressively resistant to next-generation weapons ballistics. Depending on the slurry composition, ability to keep it liquid until extruded, and to set nearly instantly - on a consumer-grade or prosumer printer - it might be possible to create a ‘relatively’ inexpensive bolt hole, maybe even a ‘safe-room.’

The clothing could keep one going long enough to get out of harm’s way or for your detail to close in again.


Very good example, thank you RocketPak.

I found the citation I’d seen a few days ago. This a story on research at Rice University in Houston.
Researchers used 3D printing to create bulletproof plastic cubes

5.8Kps => 19,000+ Feet per second!

Edit / and add: Here is a conversation about current real world materials science…
The Army can now 3D-print body armor on the fly.

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$20k is a lot for most people who like me, would prefer to spend their days in jeans and a t-shirt! I guess I’ll just have to avoid the oil fields and diamond mines. :slight_smile:

@CHRIS4, Is that lead time or LEAD time?

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@RocketPak, Foam steel. How about the warranty? Will she stand behind her product?

But was she standing behind her product?
John Deere stands behind everything they make!
Except the manure spreaders.

That was pretty impressive.
I don’t believe it’s ready for primetime ready to wear, but imagine the effectiveness for a bomb squad’s safety equipment or police riot protection.

Cool! One step closer to being John Wick!!