Bullet proof bedliner

I saw MythBusters showing the bedliner blast as it protects blasts from an explosion then I saw one video of it being bullet proof, but I guess I am a prove it kind of guy. Will a well painted car door with bedliner be bullet proof? OR could a bedliner painted front door stop a bullet?

Just think of the possibilities!


This sounds like a good video idea for one of the following guntubers
Paul Harrell
Kentucky Ballistics
Brandon Herrera

Anyone else come to mind?


Well, I am thinking of trying it, but I have to see what it would take to achieve a proper test.

What is bullet proof


I’m sure it would work if you made it thick enough. But I suspect you would have to make it so thick that it would be very noticeable and add a significant amount of weight to the vehicle.


As a starting point of reference, the spall/fragmentation coatings on some steel armor plates are supposedly very similar to bed liner coating. I think they are usually 1/4” thick or so. The coating doesn’t slow the bullets down at all. It just catches the fragments after the bullet expends most of its energy against the thick hardened steel. I would suspect you would need many inches of liner to slow down even a low velocity pistol bullet enough for the thin car door steel to stop it. that’s a lot of spraying!


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Will our government then begin to make laws on its thickness like they do with window tinting? :rofl: