Bubonic Plague

hmmm… odd thing…

worked at a Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control district that also covered other infection/diseases…

and there were continued reports of Bubonic Plague showing up from time to time all over the place…

it is basically a natural occurrence thing… and somewhere in the US there seemed to at least one report of it…

so… scare tactics???


I expect nothing less in a liberal stealing election cycle!
I’m pretty sure we’re going to hear about every chemical and biological entity in the coming months!

Can’t wait till they start dressing up. FAFO. If they are not kidding nor am I :exclamation:



People get scared so easily—then, they’re easier to control.


Bubonic plague is carried by and is fairly common in prairie dogs colonies up and down the front range, they also carry monkey pox and a couple other nasty communicable diseases.

So yeah, scare tactics.


We don’t know what the hell those illegals have brought with them!!! Part of the plan!!!


that mystical imaginary threat that keeps changing forms and shapes to keep every one on edge
and scared. Then when Exposed to sunlight they change it’s shape and form again. They Floated Russia
gate (Trump was involved-according to H.Clinton and co.–she deleted 33,000 Top secret e-mails to avoid prosecution—but w/ the FBI/DoJ weaponized against Trump and US) it gains no traction. Trump is persecuted again (because he is running again—who shows up? Those dashtedly Russian --persistent fellows–this happens right at the Time Biden and co. are dumped into a pot of boiling Influence Peddling water—It’s ALL trumps fault (again)
They continue to go after our guns, Obviously it’s our fault Crime is through the roof! not the soft on Crime, Criminal revolving door injustice and No Bail for Murders? Never, the Gooberment never does anything wrong amirite?
Puddy can’t walk up the low steps into the belly of Air Farce Uno but he can manufacture EO’s left and right—Right! Executive Order 4, 357,.22/9mm get those Guns, Manufacture Mass shootings, Create street chaos, Kill Innocents and blame it all on whitey and their obsession with those ‘Weapons of War’ guns those scary Black Killing machines! Monkey pox was too stupid and sounded so stupid it immediately dropped from Leftist vernacular. It just went away like ether 'Poof!"
Hey, If it don’t fly–Goodbye. now this Bubonic Plague—It’s election time, what do you wanna bet they are ripping off Mrna labels and putting Bubonic on them? How many sheep will hold out their arms this time? FEWER than before but some blue dummies will blindly follow these Corrupt Killers to their own doom.
They’ve set us up to die seventeen ways to sunday. If we let them continue they will win.
And there will be MILLION less of us around the dinner table next year!
Migrants and Chinese will be living in our homes, driving our cars, working…well that’s pushing it—how about on the .gov Tit? They will eventually Kill Donald trump if we let them, Hey practice makes perfect
They’ve created such a stupid World they can have it. If Demon’s continue to rule this planet I am outta here.

But I won’t be going alone NO SIR.