Boycott Tyson foods

boycott Tyson food


Here’s a list of all their brands. Big ones include Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farms and Ballpark, among many others.


Saw that, we don’t buy tyson foods as a rule, now for sure we won’t. :thinking:


That’s BiteMeNomics kicking America in the teeth. Illegal immigrants have more American rights than American born citizens. Won’t be buying any Tyson products anymore. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Tyson laying off working American citizens, :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: MY WALLET’S LAYING YOU OFF, TYSON!


We need to band together vote all these evil people out put on term limits boycott these rotten companies. We need a review of all the companies to see who’s doing the same thing Tyson and Budweiser have done and boycott them even more because you’re singing to the choir brother.


It worked for Goya foods. :smirk:


We have the power of the purse!
Is NY starving yet, are the truckers holding true?
Boycott till they are broke!


From a topic last year. :unamused:
We have allowed ourselves to be sold out.

American Companies That Are No Longer American | Investing Magazine (


If that’s a complete list, I’m good. I get a loaf of Sara Lee Butter Bread once every couple of weeks, so I don’t think I could adversely affect their bottom line by stopping that. Don’t recognize all the other brands so I’m not making them rich at all. Although, I DID buy some Jimmy Dean sausage about 6 months ago. Found some local sausage since then-cheaper and better tasting so Jimmy Dean’s out, as well…


I’m on board with this one!


…but a snowball effect could. Did anyone really expect Ansheuser-Busch would be brought to its knees by the Bud Light boycott?
The left’s doing it to conservatives. Two can play that game.


I’ve never liked Tyson Foods. I actually don’t like any processed food… so nothing changes for me.
I heard some time ago that Tyson Foods came with idea of bringing worms and insects to our menu… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… so I’m not surprised seeing their another f@&K up. :person_shrugging:

2024 is going to be “double cicadas brood” so there will be more food than we need. :grinning:
No need for Tyson’s products then :slightly_smiling_face:


Tysonn Foods is not the first to bring insects to our table… Back in the early sixties during president Kennedy’s reign, worms and African termites and were praised by the Peace Corp and were to be imported [as sustenance food for the poor.Kennedy would not allow it!quote=“Jerzees, post:12, topic:101417, full:true”]
I’ve never liked Tyson Foods. I actually don’t like any processed food… so nothing changes for me.
I heard some time ago that Tyson Foods came with idea of bringing worms and insects to our menu… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… so I’m not surprised seeing their another f@&K up. :person_shrugging:

2024 is going to be “double cicadas brood” so there will be more food than we need. :grinning:
No need for Tyson’s products then :slightly_smiling_face:


Tyson Foods slapped with ‘refuse to buy’ branding after hiring migrant workers: ‘Should have known better’ (

Aconservative investment fund group is pulling its holdings of Tyson Foods over the meat and poultry giant’s hiring of migrant and refugee workers — claiming the employment practice will repel customers.

The American Conservative Values ETF, an exchange-traded fund managed by Ridgeline Research LLC, divested from the company and slapped a “refuse to buy” rating on its stocks for its clientele.

“We believe Tyson’s management has blundered into a political minefield (and should have known better),” Ridgeline founder and CEO Bill Flaig told Fox Business on Monday.

Many Americans are outraged by the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border and learning Tyson is giving jobs to asylum-seekers could be enough for them to stop buying the company’s products, according to the CEO.

“The risk of alienating a significant percentage of their customers outweighs any potential economic benefit,” Flaig said. “In a recent Pew Research poll, 80% of U.S. adults say the U.S. government is doing a bad job of handling the migrant influx.”

He claimed Tyson could become the next victim of angry Americans voting with their wallets.

“We have seen the negative impact of alienating customers recently with Bud Light and Target and by divesting we are protecting our shareholders,” he said.

But Tyson is defending its hiring practices, noting that it only employs people legally authorized to work in the US as it tries to dispel growing misinformation online about its workforce.

“In recent days, there has been a lot of misinformation in the media about our company, and we feel compelled to set the record straight. Any insinuation that we would cut American jobs to hire immigrant workers is completely false,” the food giant said in a statement.

“Tyson Foods is strongly opposed to illegal immigration, and we led the way in participating in the two major government programs to help employers combat unlawful employment, E-Verify and the Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program,” the statement continued.

The alleged falsehoods about the company spread after Bloomberg News reported last week that “Tyson is hiring New York immigrants for jobs no one else wants.”

The article notes a partnership between Tyson Foods and Tent Partnership for Refugees, a nonprofit started by Chobani yogurt founder and CEO to connect refugees in need of work with private companies in need of workers.

Tyson joined the nonprofit’s mission in 2022 and committed to hiring 2,500 refugees in the US over the course of three years, according to Fox Business.

Between February and March, the meat maker hired nearly 90 asylum seekers to work at its Tennessee-based plant, Bloomberg reported.

A Tyson human resources rep was quoted in the article, praising the company’s refugee and migrant employees as “very, very loyal.”

“They’ve been uprooted and what they want is stability — what they want is a sense of belonging,” HR official Garrett Dolan said.

Tyson Foods currently employs about 42,000 migrants, who have legal work authorization, as part of its 120,000-strong workforce.

“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them,” Dolan told Bloomberg.

Worker turnover in the food manufacturing industry is high at 40% a year. Dolan said Tyson is constantly looking for new employees to fill the vacancies and does not favor one group over another.


So they are trying to hide behind the “legal to work” excuse. The problem is our government is inviting and coaching these people to break the law and come here ILLEGALLY. They are then given benefits and permission to work using esoteric loopholes. The employers are getting cheap labor and huge tax incentives from the government to hire these people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. And we are paying for all of this.


I’ve been boycotting Tyson for the last 25 years. They’ve been on my personal boycott list a very long time.


Some good news? :thinking:

50 Products That Are Still Exclusively Made In America (

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Unfortunately, they’re not 100% correct. I don’t know about many of the things on their list, but for sure many Fender guitars are made overseas now. That’s just one thing that jumped out at me.

Another was their claim that Pyrex originated in PA. It was from the Corning Glass Works, in Corning, NY. Corning sold it with their kitchen division back sometime in the early 90’s, I believe. Pyrex wasn’t just a cookware glass, it had industrial uses, too. The 200" mirror for the Hale Telescope on Mount Polomar, which was the biggest telescope in the world for over 50 years, was cast in Corning from Pyrex.

Also, they left Smith & Wesson off their list :frowning_face:

Fun list, though, and thanks for sharing it. I go way out of my way to buy only American if I possibly can.


The Ford Mustang is assembled in America but many of its parts are made in Mexico and elsewhere.

Plus as Tyson Foods efforts show, something being “made in America” doesn’t necessarily mean it is being made by Americans.


If all goes well,( the bill gates line) all non organic foods,will be tainted w the vax… and dont ever think that they are not doing this !
Only Certified organic, non gmo !
My Dr. Recommended this route and my only regret is I shoukd had started 35 years ago !
Christ is returning very soon !