Bossier City Louisiana Police Officer Shot & Killed Woman Wielding Scissors

This is where I was when had to go to the department for screening…

However, I believe this officer was justified in this shooting.
He has also been cleared of any wrongdoing despite the media effort to incriminate him(Bodycam footage with sound at the end).


Too bad they could not get more officers and maybe calm her down.
Sad, but don’t run at a cop with sharp pointy things. Looks like he did what he had to do.


Sounds to me like she was a few bricks short of a full load. Question-why did the officer not try a non lethal option (spray, taser) before drawing and firing?

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Around here, if I am not mistaken, police have to have extra training/qualify to carry a taser. Not sure if the officer in question had the option to taser.

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I believe you are correct, however, please be aware that tasers are only forty (40%) percent effective.

Needless to say, he used the proper method of force without needing regard for her life. Her final words as she dove at him with scissors were, “Kill me then!”

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@Randall318. Hello Randall, was wondering if you got that guy you had a conversations with the other day fixed up? I thought there was something not right about what the guy was talking about. I didn’t think if someone is in jail that you are free to use email or internet whenever you are inclined but maybe it’s different in TX or I actually forgot where he said he was. I just didn’t think he was 100% if you know what I’m saying.
Anyway Happy Sunday
Bob Murphy

You do not use a taser to attempt to stop someone armed with a deadly weapon who is charging you unless you want that weapon used on yourself.

Even in a lower threat situation such as her just standing backed off a few yards away would you used a taser unless you have lethal backup ready to fire should the taser fail.


Huh! I did not know he was sitting in jail…
However, some prisons such as Caddo Correctional Center(Know this from working there) allow inmates a tablet.

I felt bad for the guy but, I just told him to contact the local bar for a lawyer because like most of us he could not afford one.

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Yeah @Randall318 Well that’s what he told me, I don’t know but it was all to weird to me. I disengaged told him good luck I just think he was going to ask me for money and I think he was scamming honestly. Well Happy November see you again soon I’m sure. I forgot his name but I’m not interested in remembering either