Books of Note

I’ll give it a try…

“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”

“The Gifts of the Jews”


Sounds interesting, gotta look into it.

Gettysburg : Michael Shaara–Father
Gods and Generals: Jeff Shaara-- Son
The Last Full Measure: Jeff Shaara–Son


Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
Ulysses S. Grant
All by Robert Chernow.


I’m taking a Patriot Academy course called Constitution Alive. And it is free to take as well. and a book that they recommend is “WHAT WOULD THE FOUNDING FATHERS THINK?” By David Bowman. And in the book it goes over what Our Founders would think of what is going on in the country today if they were alive today.

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I’m always leery about writings that pass along what others think or would have thought. That is speculation at best, propaganda at worst.

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