Books, Guides, Videos, and Other Teachable

I have attempted to read, study, and learn from many of This Community
and I am very grateful to everyone for all their messages and inputs.

I have spent several months reading and studying the best I can, all the
books, videos, E-learning courses, teachers/instructors, and YOU. There is
a gold mine and great wealth of information in USCCA Libraries to answer
many of your questions and when things can get out of our hand in the world
situations, as they can, Lean into our education and training to do the best
we can and continue. Do not loose temper, voice wrong attitudes’, stay strong
in family and friends.

Study, practice, train always if you can, Love Others, and keep alert!

Thank you everyone,

William Smith


@William_H -> I’m with you ! This couldn’t be expressed better :muscle:


@William_H Very nice post William

Learning is a continuous process! Keep on keeping on!