Bond Arms Derringer (rowdy)

Just bought his and hers bond arms rowdy got to say best lil gun…I got one for the other half …she has her AR 15 or as Joe says AR 16 lol…but in case the bad person gets in the room I think 2 410 rounds will change his mind … the other is for the semi …after the article in our magazine it’s my new bed side weapon…Tim


Let me know how it fires. I’m kinda curious. I just can’t imagine a .410 round in such a small pistol so I anxiously await your feedback.


Already shot you will be shocked not near the kick actually really smooth boy with 410 and 45 LLC…Tim


My old partner from the Sheriff’s Dept bought one and loves his .357 Bond.
After about three years it jammed up—wouldn’t fire.
He’d been shooting his own reloads using Hodgdon Pistol CFE and copper bullets
From the range we went directly to the gunsmith and the
'smith immediately knew what was wrong.
He’d just finished working on another Bond the week before—same problem—unburned powder gumming up the action. A thorough cleaning of the action was all it took to be 100%
Since it balked so unexpectedly with no previous indication of trouble, if it were mine and I was relying on it for SD I would put it on some sort of maintenance schedule for deep cleaning if you plan on shooting it regularly (like my friend)
I only mention this because it was my only experience with Bonds and derringers. YMMV.

Enjoy your new Bond good health!


Damnit! Now I want one. Damn you and your information! LOL

Thanks…will see if I Can get one in my backwards state. :wink:


I just recently bought a sonic cleaner…works like a dream…Tim


Bond Arms serves a very specialized need. The weapon is made very well and will likely become an heirloom in that the quality is of the highest order for a production weapon.
While the .410 round is not the most powerful with the correct SD ammo it can take care of most situations quickly. The long colt is a good round, but not my first choice. The round is low pressure and with a slow projectile using JHP rounds, in my mind is a lost cause. The round’s performance numbers indicate that the HP will not expand and in some cases, heavy outer cloths could minimize the effect of the bullet. I have two sets of barrels for my Bond Arms, .410/.45 LC and .357/.38. I prefer the .357. The short barrel gives up FPS but makes up with a higher pressure load. I don’t use the .38 cal I like two .357 rounds. Beware of the muzzle blast, it is outstanding and quite loud. I would go on to warn never to shoot the Bond Arms from inside of a pocket, powder burns are serious.
All of that said I like the weapon as a last stand get-off-of-men weapon.

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Great little gun with a big bang.

I don’t have a Bond but an American Derringer in 357 Mag. affectionately named Snake Eye’s by my wife which evidently refers to the 2 on a die (as in dice). The recoil was a bit “snappy”. One of the things I learned to mitigate that was to turn your hand knuckles up when shooting. Yeah kinda gangster but more effective in that both of the bones in your forearm are now parallel to each other and it really helps with felt recoil. You’re not really aiming a derringer only pointing it anyway.



Found a new 410 round that has a few different things in it slug balls and shot I think they came up with the perfect self defense round…Tim