Blowback Versus Recoil Operated Pistols

Blowback Versus Recoil Operated Pistols - Lucky Gunner Lounge

Just ran across this video from Lucky Gunner that does a great job explaining the differences between blowback and recoil operated (locked breach) pistol designs. I had heard these terms and have owned both designs but honestly didn’t understand how they worked. Until I ran across this, I honestly (incorrectly) mentally assosciated the gas tube of AR designs as a type of “blowback” design.

The dialog is also provided in text form for those that don’t like watching videos. I normally fall into this group. However, I found the video version to be better in this case.


Firearm design is cool! Roller delayed blowback, rotating barrels…


He forgot the gas-delayed blowback. Walther currently uses it and it was used on the HK P7.

Yes, that is being nit-picky. In all, it is a good video.


Heckler & Koch P7 - Wikipedia

Never heard of this one before. Looking into it seems it would add a bit of extra cleaning for the cylinder/chamber under the barrel as well as possibly the gas port in the barrel.

The article also mentions “The high temperature gases cycling through a tube located below the chamber area and above the trigger made the early versions of this pistol uncomfortable, according to some, to shoot after the content of two magazines were fired due to heating.”

Does anybody know how they resolved that with later versions?

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Blowback (firearms) | Military Wiki | Fandom

theres a little rabbit hole for ya. theres a bunch of different designs through the years that just didnt quite catch on.