I know this isn’t “guns and gear” in the traditional sense, but …

I’m looking to purchase 6-8 Electric (battery powered) Airsoft pistols for our church security team for training. I’ve been told that electric would be preferred because the gas powered models might damage walls. The problem is that everywhere I look on the internet, the models seem to get bad reviews and seem like junk, unless you can spend big $$$.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

And that’s the truth. :pensive:

I would stay with CO2 Airsoft with blowback (blowback always take some energy and muzzle speed is less than in non-blowback models).

Additionally you can lower muzzle speed by changing or shortening the spring (this is where the velocity is mostly generated).

Why don’t you consider the SIRT pistols for training? No wall damages, no special protective gear needed.


My electric one is “fine” but sucks. The CO2 ones are lovely.

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I’ve actually never seen an electric airsoft pistol, only rifles. My airsoft is a green gas PPQ blowback pistol, but I’ve never shot it at a wall, so I can’t tell you if it would damage a wall or not.

There a few battery (electric) operated pistols, but as I wrote, they get pitful reviews. I’d like to get CO2 or green gas models because I want everyone to feel the sting when they make a mistake. But I also don’t want to have to repair the walls of the church… lol.

if you use airsoft and are tracing people and firing at the persons can be a bad deal,some one could lose an eye from a the object

Decent gas or electric airsoft pistols will both leave dents depending on how close to the wall they are fired because they’ll have similar FPS specs.

We started with electric pistols when we started joining outdoor games, but eventually switched to Green gas pistols which have been more resilient.

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I’m hoping they are going to be well prepared / protected for such training.

As I posted earlier, if that’s going to be Church Security Team practice / training INSIDE the Church, SIRT or any laser training pistols seem to be much better and safer option.

You might be right. But the initial training that we put the team through included Slicing the Pie, room clearing, how to move with cover and/or concealment, etc. It had a profound effect on team members that aren’t prior LEO’s and military, when they got “shot” because they didn’t take the correct angles or use the correct movements. Knowing there is someone in a room somewhere down the hallway, added to the stress, and that was a good thing.

And yes, we’d have the proper protective gear. Why am I suddenly motivated to watch A Christmas Story…

All the training you described can be done on the Range. You can do airsoft at the Range simulating covers, rooms, etc and then do the same at the real Church environment with SIRT.

That’s the safest procedure. So far I found this quite effective for my home defense scenarios.
You learn tactics on the Range, where you can feel and hear plastic bbs and then applies these tactics in your Church.

This could be off topic, can BB’s be reused? If not, why not?