Mid length vs carbine gas system


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So instead of trolling the forums I have a question. I understand the difference between the 2 different gas system lengths. So the question is would there be any reliability issues shooting 5.56 62 or 55 grain ball ammunition. I owe a carbine length and it has handled everything I’ve run thru it. Can I expect the same from a mid length gas system?


The length of the tube more or less has to do with how much gas the bolt is getting. Mid length guns last longer than carbine length and have better recoil. Like when the .300 black out was chambered into an AR it needed a pistol length gas tube because the round is subsonic. I think the gas tube length comes more into play with rounds like that rather than the .223. I wouldn’t worry about it.

The rifling is what affects bullet accuracy from what I’ve learned. Here’s a screenshot of a chart about bullet grain and twist from the NRA in a very simple to understand format.


Just as a side note as well, I’m not saying you don’t know this, but just for everyone, bullet grain is not the amount of gunpowder behind the bullet, it is the weight of the bullet. I’ve heard a lot of people say otherwise.