Bipod or No bipod on AR15


I decided to install a bipod on my AR15. I had a few people tell me it was going to interfere with my shooting. Outside of the extra weight to compensate for, what’s y’alls opinion for a bipod on or off an AR15?

I’m okay with it. I like being able to stabilize for longer distance shooting in a smaller caliber and platform. I also have a bipod on my sniper rifle, but it’s a heavy rifle and definitely needs it.


I use this. Best of both worlds. It’s heavy but I’ve tried different grips and always come back to this one.


That is a cool design. How well does the grip stay together over use? How does it latch together? My only concern would be if over time, the grip would not stay together. That might be awkward. Lol


I’m going to be watching this thread :slight_smile:


My Ruger 556 right out of the box and I had to modify it. First I replaced the hand guard with a rail system that also acts as a rail system for attachments. I put a light on the rail and I installed a AimPoint Pro also, Last but not least, I did have a handle under the front barrel but I replaced it with a bi-pod and since doing that I have not had a chance to try it out at the range. The AR in it’s current setup is a little weighty but for a big guy like me it is not too much for me to handle.


I’ve had that grip for 2 years it works just as well today as it did out of the box. If for some reason it were to fail and the legs wouldn’t lock back into place. The base has enough of a lip to be used as a minimalist style vertical grip. Just enough to help push the rifle towards your shoulder and manage recoil.

It is extremely quick to deploy and to lock it back in you just close the grip slam in down it makes an audible noise and it’s a rock solid vertical grip again


I certainly hope we aren’t breaking any community rules talking about this.
(no sarcasm)


Wouldn’t see why that’d be an issue. It’s just a vertical grip.


Nope… All good so far. :wink:

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If I were to add a bipod, I’d go with this magpul if I chambered in 6.5 Grendel or .224 Valkyrie


I bought a cheap one ($10.00) to only use it for long distance and when I want fine tune the sights (zero).
Mine it’s not heavy and could be used as a grip because it collapses.


Nope - no rules broken! And if you’re wondering why I’m watching, it’s because I want to build my own. :smiley:


Aha! Good. I recommend Windham Weaponry… I bought mine and it is a dream to shoot! Best AR I’ve ever shot… in my opinion. Mine is not decked out. Mine is for varmint abatement. I didn’t think I would need to go full tactical for prairie dogs… that is yet remaining to be seen though.


If it works for you, use it. There’s almost never an absolute yes or no in the gun world. It’s all about what works best for you.