Bill O'Reilly Is RIght

Bill O’Reilley’s message here is brief but to the point. And it’s accurate.

We all lost yesterday.

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Same for me

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Unfortunately you are RIGHT :no_mouth:

We lost as “The People” and “the United States of America” lost in World’s eyes.

I spoke with few friends in Europe, and what hurts me the most - additionally to be them surprised, they laughed about how easily US Government could be taken down.
Everybody watched these movies:
" White House Down"
“Olympus Has Fallen”
and people are comparing yesterday’s situation to these movies. I know it’s not the same… but very close.

Anyway… I feel bad about what happened yesterday. I felt bad about whatever happened last year… but taking the Capitol is something thoughtless in my opinion.

And I don’t care about politics at this moment. It has nothing to do with the fact that we all lost something…

I’ve posted this BEFORE reading Bill O’Reilley’s message… but looks we talked the same…



Donald Trump lost his face with this yesterday. I’m glad he’s gone but I’m also sad. He made many over due radical changes that brought America back to glory. Unfortunately he always sounded like a spoiled rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He never learned when to keep his mouth shut. That’s why he came across as devicive instead of unifying. Thanks, President Trump, but got this now.


It was a sad day for the USA. First, the rush into the capital building, then the death of an Air Force veteran, and finally by the certification of a fraudulent election. Yesterday was the day this Republic died. Yes, Trump’s presidency will be defined by the moment the capital was stormed, but it is also ignoring the very real frustration people feel when they are told that they don’t matter, that their votes don’t count, and that the person who was truly elected in the United States is not given his due process. Trump supporters are tired of being called names, of the media not fairly reporting, of social media censoring, and a million other things.




The demonization of Trump supporters is in full swing this afternoon. This will only enhance the persecution of the right. The left will want payback more than they already did. With their so-called righteous indignation, we will be marked.

They will attempt to disarm us very, very soon. They can claim that their actions are justified since we stormed the Capitol. They will say that people like us can never be trusted again.

Biden is speaking now. All of us are thugs now.


I saw nothing but trouble before this happened. I saw hard times coming. I knew all this was not good before this disgusting act. This is just the beginning & I see no end in sight. All I watched was very sad. I hope God has shows mercy on America.


Both of the extreme right and left are pushing for a conflict. The h Government swamp is just feeding the fire because of their lies and inaction (covering things up). Media is way out of control and also fueling the flames. Cant trust any of them to be honest. That’s really sad.


I was frustrated seeing lawlessness in the Capitol, but let’s get a little perspective. People get into the White House all the time. It always ends poorly for the person breaking in.

And let’s not forget that will Bill Clinton was in office, someone literally smashed a plane into the White House. It cracked some windows. If that doesn’t say something about how secure the executive mansion is, I don’t know what does.

And… ok, I shouldn’t say this, but I will… elected officials engage in lawlessness inside the Capitol all the time.

The Republic isn’t dead just because some hoi polloi desecrated the hallowed halls of the political aristocracy. Give it a few weeks. We’ll move on to the next crisis.

Um… that was 2020. I dont want to repeat that again :wink:


That face when you realize the year is twenty twenty won and next year is twenty twenty too.


When you realize 2020, is now ‘21 and has started drinking, heavily!

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Don’t know much about Mr. O’Reilly honestly…

I remember his run-ins with Dame Dash, Cam’ron, Snoop Dogg, & Ludacris. I remember his interviews with Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart.

:point_right:t5: I don’t feel I lost anything. All these things must come to pass. Remember “OUT OF CHAOS, ORDER.” Well folks, the chaos showed up at one of the most secured locations in this land. This STORMING was an issue but the RESPONSE was revealing too, in my opinion. Dark days lie ahead.



I haven’t heard about this guy until this thread…
I’ve been thinking about “O’Reilly” as this:

But… whoever he is… we can agree with the opinion…